Sunday, June 30, 2013

So She Thinks she can Dance

Oh my... the entertainment just keeps on coming!  Now, let me lay the foundation here by saying that this is the very day we got back from the beach!  We weren't home an hour before she'd already started trying on her dance clothes.
And by dance clothes, I mean, she likes to wear them the way she sees the big girls wear over her leotards and tights.
All drapey off the shoulder and such.  Believe me, she ain't going ANYWHERE with that belly hanging out of her shirt.  But, she was feeling pretty fly!
So, one by one, the outfits kept on coming.  She'd go to her room and return in a whole new get up.
Then, she'd start doing all kinds of modern dance moves.  She is quite creative when it comes to her dancing.
She watches all those "So You Think You Can Dance" dancers, and pretty much realizes that any good solo routine involves some rolling around on the floor, leaps, and lots of contorted body positions.

She has also been on a kick to improve her flexibility.  I don't talk to her about this, but she emulates Emma Lou and her big girl friends, by stretching, standing and doing a heel stretch, and pushing her foot up the wall in an inverted position, (picture a split up the wall).
I can say that I think she'll be a good little dancer someday, cause she really is dedicated to practicing it.

Yep.  This went on for some time!!
WHAT?!  Hands free?!!?

This is her standing heel stretch.  It's actually improved quite a bit since this picture.
I LOVE this picture.  It sums her up... like, "Ta daaaah... Am I great or what?!"  She doesnt' seem to have any issues with her self esteem at this point!  ha
This show included running and leaping, ...
and posing, and costume changes.
And finding the light in the room, and asking me to take a picture of her posing in it.

And then came THIS outfit.  We bought all of these at the dance competition she was a part of in March or so.  She'd never had any outfits quite so fabulous as these, and buddy, she was feeling super fine in them!!
She again, found the light and said, "Mama, take my picture like this."
Gotta admit, I love that above photo too!!

I guess every super star needs a break from time to time.  Hers were few and far between.
She was like the energizer bunny... she kept going and going and going!
And leaping and thrusting and spinning, and .....


Are you getting a feeling like you were here to witness it yourself?!
I hope so, that was what I was trying to accomplish.  Especially you, Holly!  Since you like to do MoJOy with your morning coffee.  Thought I'd give you a little morning entertainment! Like Cirque de Ellae'.
Gotta admit again... I like her turnout, her soft hands, and the softness/ rounding of her elbows/ shoulders.
So She Thinks She Can Dance!!  So do I!



Zhohn said...

She's great! Hanging with the big girls isn't such a bad thing (for now! Ha). I have to agree, it does not seem like Ellie has any sort of self esteem issues :). Keep it Ellie Sue, you're awesome and can do anything you work hard at.

Mama J said...

This was fun! I love to see your babies loving life! Ellie is very sure of what she loves at this point and I pray she always has that confidence. With you as her Mom..I don't worry about that too much!

Amy K said...

Wow, impressive flexibility! Her talents and confidence will take her far in life. She's very wise, posing in the light. Beautiful little girl.

Cherry said...

She never ceases to amaze really do have a little girl destined to be somebody BIG one day...I LOVED all her poses... Linda Lou has a Star on her your girls and Maddi...

Anonymous said...

I swear.... I think they broke the mold with that kid! She is such a dynamic personality!!!

Holly said...

It's a great Monday morning! My favorite coffee and ond one of my favorite girls! I am amazed at her talent, and energy and drive! This girl is GOING PLACES! Hang on for a great ride Mom! Thanks for taking the time to share!

Love you guys,
Holly & JakeDog

kimybeee said...

looked like a great performance to me!!! and I loved the first in the light photo!!

Becky said...

how time flies. it seems like you were just showing her off the day she was born. too bad you can't package some of that energy and sell it to us. becky