Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ellie Sue cracks me up

This child is a nut.  If you are my Instagram friend, you know that she has really been into selfies lately.  And this one, I felt, looked just like a picture that Elaina, Mary Allison's sister, sent me recently on Snapchat.  I screenshotted it, because I thought it looked so much like MA!
and then when my kid took this picture, I thought they looked just alike with regards to eyes and lips!!
One thing that was NOT cracking me up; however, was this knotted string in her hair!
MOre on that lately.  Ellie now selfies herself, herself and her cousin, herself and her dog, herself and her cat.... etc, etc, and so on.
There is typically a peace sign and lips puckering involved too.

This is the hair wrap we had done at the beach.  NEVER AGAIN!!  A lot like my lapband.
I finally just whacked it off with some scissors.  I'd HAD IT!!
ANd lo and behold, after I cut it off, (hair and all), I figured out the method to the hair braiding madness, and was able to UN DO what had been DONE.
I think next time, we'll just go for the glitter unicorn tatt.
Ok, I've got lots of blog pics loaded up now, so if I survive the Miss Louisiana Pageant tomorrow night, (more on that later), I'll be back to blogging daily this week.  ANd kimmy, did you ever get my message regarding contacting me about reading the entire caring bridge site recently?!  I need to talk to you.



Anonymous said...

I swear she truly is a tween!!! Her expressions are just like my 13 year olds!!!!!

Amy K said...

I love that no matter what is on your blog, it always gives me a reason to smile bright and early in the morning!

melinda marie said...

what do you hate most about your lapband? do you regret getting it. i have a good friend who is wanting to get either the lap band or the gastric sleeve. i'm giving her the pros and cons. your thoughts?

Holly said...

LOVE that sweet girl! You know you're part of my morning ritual! Get coffee, check for MOJOY! It makes my day when you've posted! Thanks!

Zhohn said...

She's so 14 in her mind! Oh my goodness, the hair wrap! Ahhhhh

Can't wait for more pics and blogs!

Mama J said...

ES has the 'look' down for sure. I saw that sweetness on TV last night. I am sure she had a blast as she was in her element with the older beauties. What a fun time for her. You were rocking it too, Miss Mel!