Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Epic the Movie

Ok, so have you seen it yet?!  well, I did.  Last weekend.  In 3D!
And I even bootlegged a few photos of the big screen cause I could NOT get over how much I thought the daddy in the movie looked like Todd's Uncle Toby!
I mean, it was uncanny to me.  I wish I had an animated character who looked like me!
Todd didn't exactly see the resemblance!  But, hey.  It's a free world.

JinJIn pretty much goes to all movies involving four little girls.  And this one did.
Gabs, the usual non participator, was absent for this photo op.
But Ellie is always READY for ACTION!!
Short but sweet tonight.  Just got finished with the Miss Louisiana Pageant, it's almost 11:30, I have to read a chapter on leadership to teach to my crew at 7:30 am tomorrow, and then a full day of work... to do it all again tomorrow night.  Yep.  That's the way ol' Mo be rolling lately.  Tired.
Oh, and did I mention that yesterday I MADE MYSELF go to the doctor because I felt so absolutely horrible, and I had aspiration pneumonia!  Stupid reflux.  I swear it's gonna kill me.  I've changed meds.  I am having ANOTHER scope done soon, and I think I am getting this God awful lapband outta my body!!



Mama J said...

So sorry you are having the curse of the reflux but am relieved to know you are doing something about it. It will really do some damage to your esophagus and tummy if you don't. (Voice of experience here) Praying for your healing and for an abundance of strength for your day today.

Anonymous said...

So glad you made yourself go to the dr.... us mamas' always put ourselves last on the list!!!

Zhohn said...

Get it out! Seems like it will bring you some relief.

Love the new beach club pic of the girls on Fb, gorgeous.

Kathryn said...

Crud on that mess, and I am glad you are thinking of getting rid of that thing. Feel better soon!

snekcip said...

Hope you are feeling much better this morning!! Happy Thursday Mo!

Hallie said...

I miss going to the kiddie movies. My kids are all grown and don't want to see these movies anymore.

kimybeee said...

get the lapband gone asap and you will feel much better!!!

and hallelujah that you went to the doc!!! you could have felt better a long time ago silly girl!