Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ana and Josh's wedding

 Hey guess what.  I STILL BLOG!
 And I am going to do this blog on something that just occurred this past weekend.  So, I might just even be getting a wee bit more timely too!
 I instagrammed this one.  But, this is our crew on the way to the wedding of our friend, Ana and her beau, Josh.  Ana has been the sitter for the Fords next door for years!  So, she's been sorta part of the extended family for a long time.  And we've been waiting for her to find "the one" for what seems like forever.  But, her waiting really paid off.

 Sarah, from the old hood, came with us to the wedding and spent the night with Ellie Sue.  She really does think that she's 11.  She only wants to invite big kids over nowadays.
 I loved so many things about her wedding.  I really loved these programs which had their combined monogram and listed all the people in the bridal party.

 It was a traditional wedding in a big, beautiful Methodist Church.
 Ellie and Gabbi are a few rows up, because, well, mom and dad are just NOT cool enough to sit with at something so awesome as Ana's wedding!
 I added some awesome bokeh to the photo that I loved from above.  The app I used is Bokehful.  Check it out.
 and then, the reception... so cute.  So simple.  So perfect for Ana and Josh!
 Breanna has started a party planning company.  Go check it out...

http://partychicboutique.com/  You are gonna love some of her cute things.
 Instead of birdseedor rice, they went away to people tossing sprinkles!

 I was COMPLETELY in LOVE with this guest book.  Can you see the front cover?!
 It was made by Shutterfly!
 And it was chock full of photos of the two of them, with a metallic pen for the guests to sign in.
 Hey Elaina, you reading?  Ana has 150 of these tea lights, not real candles, but ones which can be turned  on and off.  So, how can we work these in?!
 This V print was printed on burlap.
 Oh, wait... Gabs wanted to get in on that one!
 Sarah wanted to borrow some of my shoes prior to the event.  I gave her some wedges, and that gurl was feeeeeeling it!!
 Emma Lou was a junior bridesmaid.  Here she is with her Daz, Johnnye's dad.
 My little Gabs pretty much wanted to hang out with her mama all night long.
 And helloooo there, Mister!!
 Ellie was doing everything in her power to dance with the groom.
 Here's Ana and a group of her dancer friends.
 It was a well attended event.
 I came back to my table to see these, and thought NO WAY.  NO TIME. NOT EVER!
 I did; however, let my little 4 year old wear these sweet little peep toe heels, because she wouldn't hear of taking them off. And I didnt' have the energy in me to fight for my way.
 Sarah was our sitter at the beach.  She is also helping us some this summer.  Here she is dancing iwth Gabbi Lou.

 and Lauren only THOUGHT she'd be able to get these little ones to stop spinning once they started.
 There was a photo booth, with props that was pretty fun.

 and please note who is front and center for the cutting of the bridal cakes!
 I thought the flowers were great... simple, but made a statement.
 NOt as big of a statement as these little cakes made of cheese grits.  Now THOSE made a statement!!
 Check out this peacock.  There was a pasta salad in the back end of it.
 And I am not sure what a  "George" Turkey Salad is, but it was really, really good!
 Todd and Sam sat over here in this corner and geehawed all night.  I did get Todd to get out on that dancefloor with me at least for one song.
 Here, Johnnye got a dance with his "other" daughter... sorta like our Mary Allison.
 We are a welcoming bunch!  Need a surrogate family?  We are at the ready!!
 I particularly liked the yellow daisies.  can you tell!?

 There was a great band.
 Well, would you look at that?  The three of us are all dancing together.  Gabbi was in Heaven.
 As the women pinned money on the groom and men on the bride during the money dance, Ryan and his crazy self went out and pinned some cash on the groom and had his special dance.
 Sometime around 9:00 pm, I decided I would start taking selfies... with everyone!   Here, it is with Johnnye.
 Many more to follow.
 This was a cute decoration, with the barrels situated as a table.  I loved the birdhouse touch.
 It had this little banner on it indicating on the gift table that this was the place for the cards.
 This vignette was super cute.  I loved the cotton bowl arrangements.

 and there were burlap runners.  Elaina, all of these things are at your whim, I am told, if you want to use any of it in yours.
 and if you're wondering who Elaina is... it's Mary Allison's sister.  She is getting married in April 2014.
 And she has asked two of the cutest kids in the world to be her flower girls.   We're pretty excited about that!
 Ohhh, I LOVE these, Breanna!!
 Know what else I loved?  I really, really liked the bridesmaid's flowers.
 (Checkout these wood column bases.  Cute.)
 They were all different colors, and with brown dresses, they really popped.
 and the groom's table?  He is a hunter.  The antlers were used to hold the napkins.
 And the wood platforms were AWESOME and very woodsy and perfect for a hunter.
 This turf is great for a hunter, but hey, Elaina.... is Ryan a golfer?  This would be great for that too!
 Chicken wire inside an old frame.  My buddy, Keif, just dug 40 old windows out of a trashcan for me.   He saw them and just knew I'd love them. He was right!!
 Gabs was trying to hang in there, but not quite!  I knew it was time to go when I looked around and couldn't find her, and I SWEAR... God TOLD me to lift the white skirt of a particular table (and there were probably 30 there), and sure enough, she'd climbed under that table and was in a ball, trying to go to sleep.  I was NOT going through that panic again, so I told Todd the Bod... it was time to go!!

 These are all the little rugrats as they clanned up all night.

 Oh, wait.  We can't go just yet!!  There's John!!  He came up from LSU to see his "sister" get married.
 Todd assured me he'd keep an eye on this sleepy, sleepy girl.

 and I started my spree of selfies.... with Breanna...
 and Ryan, the groom lover...
 and Clayton, who I only refer to as "Clay Dawg".
 And Sarah....
 and Lauren (and Ryan again)...
 and Gabs....
 and the bride, Ana....
 and my little homies....
 and one more with the star of the show!
 "Get a little bit lower now...'
 The photo booth shot out these cute pics.
 (oh, and Elaina, these were cute little chalkboard reservation cards for the bride and groom's family tables)
 Can you tell by the looks of our table that it was a pretty good party?! I was a diet coke drinker!  And if you recall, I have given UP Diet Coke, so that was my big fancy splurge that night!
 Oh... and the groom... cute little Josh!
 Ellie loved the getaway truck!
 And Todd and I celebrated a night out on the town!


 Huggy huggy. Kissy kissy.

Hot, sweaty and happy.
That's the sign of a really great party!  Thanks, Ana!!  We had a ball.



Zhohn said...

Oh my goodness, I LOOOOVE everything at the reception! Who doesn't like burlap l, chicken wire and a birdcage!?

Gabbi looked great in her skirt :)

Going check out Breanna's site!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Oh Zhohn... I forgot to mention that my friend sent my girls handmade chevron skirts!!! Thank you, Zhohn!!

Anonymous said...

First of all... you and Todd the Bod are just entirely too cute!!! Loved the wedding pics! I loved the simplicity.... I'm not a frou frou kinda girl... you and your clan are so welcoming and I love that!! I want to move to West Monroe just to hang with you!!!

Unknown said...

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Constantine said...

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Mama J said...

What a fun and creative wedding! Everyone was having a blast and what more could a couple ask for? Thanks for sharing a look through your eyes...You, your babies, Todd included, were 'spectacular'.

snekcip said...

Congrats to the BEAUTIFUL COUPLE!!!What a precious wedding!! Loved all the personal touches and LOVED THE BURLAP!!!

My niece wedding is in August and Bre and my grandson are in a wedding and we ARE SOOOO EXCITED!! The dresses are paid for and I'm just hunting for the "perfect shoe" for her. NO LUCK YET!