Monday, July 8, 2013

Miss Louisiana Pageant.

And here is day number two with pics from the Miss Louisiana Pageant.  The girls and I would pile in and head out every day after I got off work.
(If you havent' loaded the "abeautifulmess" app, you really gotta do that!  See above to see how fun it can make your photos.

As you can see, I gave up the fight on Gabbi wearing make up.  Sure.  Why not?!
again... Thank you to "abeautifulmess" for all the fun I get to have with their app!
While at the pageant, I ran into Ashton.  She is a patient of mine for the past two years.  See her neck where she had a trach?  She was on a ventilator after having a serious golf cart wreck.  She had to relearn everything... walking, talking, sitting, standing... and even how to get herself back up on that stage doing what she loves!  I am so proud of her.
Gabs and I were waaaaay up here in the balcony!
And Miss Priss insisted on wearing her wedges.  Actually, these are Ellie's, so they are not only inappropriate, but also about a size too big.
This was our view from the crow's nest.
and after the shindig... look at my ragamuffin!
Her little sister was determined to help her out.
But, nope... She'd just flop it back over to the side.  I think she preferred it that way.
We borrowed this pretty dress from someone who brings her kids to my office.  It saved me some money, and more importantly time and effort hunting for that sucker!
Miss Gabbi Girl humored me and put on something sorta cute.  She has suddenly developed an opinion on clothes.  And well, let's just say, TASTE isn't her strong suit.  It drives me NUTS that she refuses to wear any of her really cute outfits.  She won't wear a bow.  She won't usually even let me put her hair up in any way.  I am not liking this phase at all!
Would you look at this pretty girl?!

Sweet Sarah surely did make Ellie's week by letting her be a part of this cool event.
This is Sarah's family.. brother, dad, and Mom.
Tom is Todd's good buddy.  He is also a Monroe cop.  Katie is Gabbi's BFF!
They just sorta feel like they are part of the family!
That's a good way to be, isn't it?!



Debbye said...

If you love beautiful mess check out Rhonna Designs.It is amazing and you can add all sorts of wonderful font, borders, and quotes to your pictures! I like it even more than beautiful mess. It lets non-artsy people like me pretend to be artistic, so I can only imagine what you would be able to do with it!

kimybeee said...

very cool experience for your sweet girls!

we knew gg would rebel eventually lol

Mama J said...

I see a little of just 'don't care' to a tinge of 'carefree and wild' in Gabbi. Either is going to test you with your taste for all things girlie. LOL Gabbi will most certainly be different in a lot of ways from El...which is a good thang. You have adorable matter what they test you with.

Anonymous said...

I love that Gabbi is picking out her own outfits! !! I swear the pic of Ellie with the lopsided crown needs to be framed!! It cracks me up!!

Beth E. said...

Goodness, I be getting the girls dressed each day is quite a chore for you! LOL

Love the beauty pageant pics...Ellie looks precious wearing the crown and white dress. Both girls will be winning pageants of their own before you know it. :-)