Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Just a few photos that were stored on my phone.  First, this is the view to the left of TG's sink.  He must really like his Father's Day gift written by his girls.

 And those above pics were posted on FB by my cousin, Jerry.  I tend to screenshot a TON of things. Gosh, the internet is so full of inspiration!  I really loved this house that he posted on his site.
 This is something we've learned since having a kitten.... cats are capable of jumping from the floor up to the top of the kitchen counters.  And then magically leaping from surface to surface like a flying squirrel!  We've never had to worry about leaving our food on the countertops when we are entertaining or even just having dinner for that matter.
 But, now we realize the majorly big difference between a high energy flying kitten, and a lazy, chilled out dog.  BIG difference!
 This is currently my screensaver on my iphone.  I LOVE that photo and message of my Ellie Sue.

These are the invitations to the upcoming shower we are throwing for Hayden's baby mama, Rachel.  We love Rachel and are excited that there's a new baby girl coming to the family.
 This was in a series of photos that Todd and I took when we were trying to take engagement photos.
 I love that my friend, Lissy, painted a pet portrait of sweet Twilight Sparkles.  Gabbi totally loved it!
 A friend of mine just bought a house down the street from us.  I painted this for her as a housewarming gift.  And the randomness continues.
 I totally LOVE this saying....
 I took a photo of my personal core values which were determined from a long list (400 to be exact) of words at our last retreat.  I have thought about this a lot.  I think the words DRIVE, INSPIRING, PASSIONATE, and CREATIVITY are really definites.  I think Family might not be a "value", per se, and Joy is more of a  byproduct.  I'll have these solidified before long.
 I just took the DISC , if you've ever heard of that, and found out I was STRONGLY a "D" natural behavior type.  DRIVING is the main word at the top of the "D" person's list.  And INSPIRING was at the top of the "I" list, which is my adaptive behavior list. ENTHUSIASM was also at the top of my behavior type's list, so I found it interesting that three of my core values showed up smack in the top of the list of adjectives of my behavior type per the DISC.  Interesting!
 This would be the morning I arrived at the office to teach my leadership team the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, at 7:00 AM!!  Yep, we've been meeting now for almost a year, and today I had to arrive, and walk in to the board room to find this....
 before it dawned on me that we meet at 7:30, and have for the past 10 months!!  I joked, well, they say it takes 10 months to make a habit.  ha.  I think I need to get on hormones.  My brain is NOT acting right.  And not remembering ANYTHING!!

Have I mentioned we are going on a cruise in a couple of weeks?!  Well, we are.  And one of the nights has an 80's theme.  And another is a Luau.  I am starting to stock up on goodies for BOTH of my outfits.  Yep... my friends and I are going ALL OUT!!
 Dang these looked good.  Miss Nancy, hook a sista up!!
 and I keep clicking on this to burn belly fat.  I've yet to actually look any farther than this first page.  Anyone tried this?  Wanna give it a review?!
 And let me end with this.... Look closely all down the side of my car.
 Yep... look CLOSE!!!  That would be Ellie Sue's "monogram" with the big "G" in the middle and everything.  She has it done in a variety of sizes.
 And the sweet angel baby didnt' forget her sister's monogram.  Nosirree... she did multiple sizes of BOTH of their monograms... and did I mention she did this with a key!?  In the side of my Suburban!!
 Umm... yea.

Onto the last thing.  I saw this posted on someone else's instagram and HAD to repost it.  I had so many people say, "This is SO you!".  And so if you haven't met me... this is ME!
Nighty night, Mofos.
(that stands for Mo Followers.... get your head outta the gutter!)


Holly said...

Love all the randomness! The Suburban story will be hilarious - in a few years! Makes a good rehearsal dinner story!

Your MoFo's
Holly & JakeDog

kimybeee said...

mo fo lol - and how did it go with ellie and the key???

twinkle sparkles looked so enthusiastic about her portrait. and my cats have no boundaries here. but you know some people actually have cats that don't sit on the table and play queen of the mountain or line up on the counter to get treats. I don't know how that works - but I have heard of it lol

the four of us can sit down to eat and I will have both dogs and a pile of cats surrounding me. if I need something from the kitchen I will ask somebody else because the critters won't bother their plates - but they would scarf mine down in a heartbeat if I left it! maybe there is still hope for twilight sparkles to get some training on the flying squirrel problem! lol lol

Anonymous said...

Whoops on the key to the suburban..... I can't imagine that went well....I love the randomness!!!

Mr P's Tees said...

Mofos...! Love it and yes- as u know, my head is always in the gutter!!

Mama J said...

So with Ellie and the key thang...would that be a MO or a Daddy confrontation? Wowsa...either would be tough. Actually, Ellie performs at such a high intellectual capacity most of the time, it just kinda blows my mind with the key issue. Tells me she is still a child who does childish thangs. Hope it went well for all.

Zhohn said...

Haha, MoFo! Oh nooooooo, the monogram.... I think I would have cried :( but at least it was your vehicle and not a neighbors or anyone else's.

I had no idea y'all were going on a cruise, you don't strike me as a cruise person... Whatever that may be lol. Are the girls going or is a bunch of adult friends? Enjoy :)

A longtime MoFo :)

Becky said...

Oh no! I bet she was proud of her artwork, though! Kids!
Have a fabulous time on the cruise! Just you and Todd the Bod?

snekcip said...

Cat: SPRITZ SPRINTING SPARKLE w/SPRAY (water of course) and that will SQUELCH the SQUIRRELLING. Felines are Finicky and FREAKING HATE THAT! It works though!

Suburban: I would be mightly "perturbed about the suburb"

Cruise: Okay here this...NO PAINTING THE SHIP! I can just see you MOJOY MOTIF donning the side of one!

MoFo: Ha!! Love it!!

Shannon said...

Love the randomn posts! Always come straight outta your ADD brain!

~ AMF (that's Hasta La Vista...MY FRIEND - or Mo Follower! or yeah - you get the picture.)
And yes - Hasta DOES start with an H and not with an A. Round these parts we just AMF - rednecks don't know the for real spelling anyway!

snekcip said...


Beth E. said...

I think I enjoy your random posts the most...it's a good way to catch up with all that's going on!

I hope rubbing compound took care of the "monograms" on your car...this, too, shall pass! :-)

Michelle said...

Love the random post! I gasped at that awesome monogram! Oh my! :) I can see you having a blast on a cruise!!