Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bohemian party...Making feather headbands

Ok, so now you've seen the set up... let's get right on to the partay! Guests started arriving.  And the first thing on our agenda was making feather headbands.
I had more feathers than I knew what to do with, and they were set up prior to the party according to size and style, thus making the design process easier for the kiddos.
Because I had all these feathers out and sorted, one might only imagine the FUN Twilight Sparkles had if I failed to shut my artroom door!  That cat went BERZERK!!
Above, we had Tatum, who will soon be building a house two doors down from us and of course, Miss MadiBoo.    And this is Maddie, who also lives on our street.
Gabbi Girl must've had BIG plans to use these big ol' feathers!
The true tweens who Ellie insisted on inviting to the party, I chose to segregate a bit and let them have their "own" time to bond and create.
Here they are... probably a wee bit excited to be rid of Ellie for a few minutes.  (But they are really sweet girls and accommodate her on a regular basis.
When Ellie originally made her invitation list, all of those above were in there.  However I encouraged her to come up with a few names of kids who were ACTUALLY her peers and kindergarteners like herself.  (Don't tell her! )
I've been getting unsolicited feedback on how to keep my baby away from the big kids so she can be a "baby" longer.  Welll.....all I can say is, YOU try raising Ellie Sue!  She has been an advanced, socially, mentally, physically, you name it, Kid since the day she was born!  She likes who she likes.  I don't encourage nor promote it.  Our next door neighbor, Emma Lou, is her hero and practically her best friend. She; therefore, has her friends over, who all like "mothering" Ellie, so she is their pet.  And she loves it.  Ok,  enough of that. I am aware that Ellie acts older than she is.  I don't condone it.  I don't block it.  I just let her be who she is.  And I embrace it.  Done.
She picked this outfit out, as a matter of fact.  And this is her best friend at school, Avery.
Awww... look at Tatum's cute feather headband.  Good work, gurl.
Aimee and Brittany decided to make a few extra accessories.

I had enough stuff to make as many hair thingies as one could ever hope for. Or wear!

Nice choice, Mary. I like the pink and purple.
And finally, one last hair clip to match the bands on her braces.
Next up... hair and make up.  As you can see, the art room crowd was thinning by the end of the hour.  That's because kids were already being escorted to their respective "salons".  Wait til you see the end results!!  Boho Fabulous!



Nana said...

I have been watching for the next step! I love this theme and all the amazing things you planned for them. Lucky little girls and tweens to be able to enjoy it... and they are learning!!! The girls are learning how to give parties and go the extra mile...which will benefit them all of their lives.. I always heard, "If it ain't worth doing it right, it ain't worth doing!" And, you know how to "do it right." I wish we were closer...Karlie and Ellie would hit it off..Karlie much prefers the company of the older girls (she can't boss them as much)... I think it's great that they are Ellie's friends....You go girl!

kimybeee said...

so cute and fun!

I think allowing ellie to be herself is the best thing ever! that child doesn't lack confidence and as long as she isn't picking up bad behaviors - then let her thrive! who says you have to follow some mold - independence is a great thing!

Mama J said...

The worst thing a parent can do is try to mold a child into someone they think they should be or someone they wish they were. I applaud you and Todd for the love and direction you give them both and it shows that it is working.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for letting Ellie be who she is!!!!!

Zhohn said...

You're the coolest mom!

Unknown said...

Thank you for being honest and real and sharing the love and joy you have for your girls and all that you put into raising them. They appear well mannered, sweet, clearly happy, and well adjusted. I feel like you and Todd are batting 1000.