Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bohemian Style Show... party set up

We're gonna have to take this OVER THE TOP, most awesome party a blog at a time til we get it all covered!  There's just so much to cover!  So, let's just start where we start, shall we?!  the part set up.  First, Ellie's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Gaskin made her cake.  It was chocolate with cream cheese icing.  And omg... it was so good!!

Breanna came over and helped me with lots of the details.  She is now in the party business, so I knew it would be best if I didn't try to do it all, rather, giving her a few things and me taking a few things, so that all the cute details could be perfect.  For instance, she made these cute drink glasses from frappucino bottles, and added the leather and beads.  She also made the cute cake topper above.
I painted the feather, above, for good measure.
These lanterns were pretty cute, but made much cuter by the feathers hanging beneath.
I actually put my babysitter, Sarah, to work this week making the feather skewers.  And Todd the Bod was in charge of cubing up the fruit. It was a labor of love by a whole entourage of people to make the party a success.
I used a relief technique, putting vinyl letters on the canvas pennants, then spritzing around them with sprays, and removing them once dry.  I was really happy with the result.
I pulled out old photos of the birthday girl to fill easels and frames.

Cute?!  right?!
We also served hotdogs and S'mores.

See?  Here are two more cute pics of my baby girl.  One from when she was three, and one from this school year.
I took this just because Lizzie was so chill in the yard.
Breanna made the borders to the runway.
and Pops and I made the giant E.
can you see it?  The runway that is.  The girls will exit from those double doors and do their posing from one edge of the stage to the other.  The chairs were set up and ready for the audience to arrive.
I loved the runway rope so much that I think I am going to redo Ellie's whole room.
Actually, it was THESE that made me decide to do the room.  I am OBSESSED with these dreamcatchers that Breanna made for us.
I mean absolutely in LOVE with them.  I want them to be focal points in Ellie's new decor.  Thinking a tan, linen-ish bedspread, with the feather runners on the wall somewhere and these hanging on the wall as well.  And of course, the giant E needs to make it in the room too.
Kimie gave me this as a present, and I replaced all the photos with ones of just Miss Queenie.
I painted a special canvas just for my wee one's birthday.  I tried a new style that recently inspired me, and really liked the results.
I gathered all the "e's" out of her room for decoration.  We had to decorate the back grill area for present opening, the back porch for runway, the kitchen table area for tweens to do their art projects, the kitchen island cause that was where the cake and food was, the art room cause taht was where we'd be making projects, and all 5 bathroom vanities to prepare for the hair and makeup segment of the evening.
That was a LOT of decorating.
Thank God for Breanna.  Her business is called and she has got it going ON with cute ideas for parties.  We've already started collaborating for next month's 5 year old party for Gabs.  She is going to have an art party!  Yay!
I went around and got each "station" set up and ready for the models to arrive.  They had the names of the big kids who would be helping with hair and make up.  I spread my own make up out liberally, as well as Bohemian bracelets, necklaces, and headbands for whoever wanted them to partake.
Luckily, Todd the Bod just got new stools for his mancave, so we had all of these left over.  They were spread to each station to await the models.

And so it was... party prep complete.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see what project we made for the big 6 year old's shindig.


kimybeee said...

so cute - can't wait to see more!

Mama J said...

Expectations galore...can't wait!

Zhohn said...

So adorable!!

snekcip said...

LOVE IT MO!! Awesome party!

snekcip said...

PS Dontcha' just love those FRAP BOTTLES!! I used them for Bre's bday party and stored them away carefully. I don't know WHEN or WHERE I will use them again...but USE THEM AGAIN I WILL!! They are perfect!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness..... obsessed with every bit of it!!!!!! Can't wait for the next installment

Holly said...

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Crystal said...

Precious and very detailed! :)

Lindsay said...

Adore everything about this and ESP the new painting technique! I may need to finally place a canvas "order" -- that is totally "my style"!! Can't wait to hear more about the party ;)

Unknown said...

Love the total Ellie theme!!! She would not be rockin the typical 6 yr old princess so I was excited to see what you would do instead- fabulous creative theme! I also loved how you shopped your house for party decor and used reusable deco (like the feather runway). It kills me to buy all the party supplies and then pitch them a few hours later.

jenny said...

Love the "new" style canvas. Reminds me of some things I had in the early 70's!

Siren London said...

Wow Amazing cake!