Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bohemian party- hair and make up

Next up... hair and make up.  WHile some of the girls completed their headbands, the others were getting ready for the style show.  Above, we have salon A.... with KK and Lauren as celebrity stylists!
and here is Sarah.  You might recognize these girls from previous posts.  They are our sitters, from the beach and here at home.  They graciously agreed to come to Ellie's party and volunteer to help get the girls ready for the big show.
And Taylor came to help with make up.  Taylor is Tashia's daughter.  She'll be heading back down to LSU in about a month.
The stylists did a really fabulous job getting the girls all dolled up!
Poor Hazel was stuck with Melanie as her stylist!  But... she only wanted braids, and I can sho nuff whip out a french braid, so... win/win.

Have I mentioned that I basically don't even use a camera AT ALL anymore?  Nope.  Every pic I take is with my cellphone.  SO, sometimes the quality isn't as I'd hoped.  Just sayin'.
I had 6 stations going, plus the occasional me, but still, there had to be some waiting.  These three found a movie and nestled in until their turn in the chair.
Veronicia's niece, Ally, has recently moved to town, and she agreed to come and help too.  In turn, I agreed to let her have her upcoming Sweet 16 at my house!!
This is Amelia.  She is sort of the nut among the recently graduating seniors.  She was called in to be the emcee of the show, but she also helped out with hair and make up.  and her hair designs were over the top cool... full of fluff and feathers.
Like this on Molly Mae.
KK did Ellie's.  She just wanted some curls and a little tease.  Lately, she has not been about ANYTHING in her hair whatsoever.  :(
And well, you know Gabs... whatever!  Just do whatever!
Aimee's hair was braided with feathers all throughout the braid.  She's artsy, so she loved it.
Lots of us actually ended up raiding my closet for boots, bangles, and scarves.
Sarah had some hair pouf going on too!

I got Renee ready, and I thought her "smoky eye" looked amazing.  She did not.
Madi took a turn with Ally.
And Erin got jazzed up with Amelia.  Each of the "salonists" had their name on the mirrors in a little banner, and they all had their stations full of hair thingies, bracelets, necklaces and make up.  I dragged barstools to each station too.  They were set up and ready to rock.  All they had to do was to perform their magic!
Molly Mae is feeling fly!
And the results of the first group through the salon...
I mean, you gotta admit... this is spot on for a "Bohemian Style Show"!!
I put this pic on instgram, and I just thought it captured the perfection of a moment for Ellie... all these big girls with her in the middle, styled up and hip.
Yep.  I guess I need to sit down and write thank you notes to these big girls... they made this day really special for all the little girls, but for one in particular!!
Stay tuned... the styleshow is next!



Zhohn said...

Awesome! I felt like I was backstage at a show :) everyone is so beautiful also.

snekcip said...

They ROCKED it!!! Bring on the STYLE SHOW PICS!

Susantwilhelm said...

So fun!!!!!

Unknown said...

Lovin' the fun that everyone is having! The feather hair clips look fabulous and such a fun take home gift... Remember the felted owl clips you made for (I think) Ellie's 2nd? Those were stinking cute too! You have always done a great job of capturing your girl in her party theme each year!

Anonymous said...

This is just the cutest party ever!!!!!