Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Watching the cheerleaders

One of you noticed that Madi is considerably taller than Ellie.  Ummm, yeah!  Ellie is a SQUIRT!!  She was literally at the shoulders of her classmates in kindergarten this year.
But that doesn't really seem to stifle her FEELING BIG!
At the Beach Club, the new thing in the past few years is to have cheerleading camps on the grounds.  And, there were three squads from Monroe, LA, while we were staying here, so I took the girls down to watch the show.
Oh, Ellie had to swing by the souvenir shop to buy this fluorescent shirt on the way down to the cheerleaders in case you are wondering why the wardrobe change.
When we stopped to get Ellie a new coveted tee shirt, we also had to get ice cream.  My girls LOVE an ice cream cone.  And none of the three were able to finish theirs off, so I was steadily licking all three of them to keep it off their clothes as best I could!
I think sweet Gabbi Girl likes chocolate as much as her mama does!
This is the squad we were watching.  this is Neville High School. sort of a rival of my high school, West Monroe High School.  But we are always willing to cheer for a "home" school!!

Our girls just snuggled right on up to the front row to watch the cheerleaders do their thing!
What a treat!!  Beach.  Shopping.  Ice cream.  Cheerleaders.  OH MY!!
It was a little girls' heaven!


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Unknown said...

I'm wondering why we couldn't go to cheer camp at the beach back in the day when I was a cheerleader.... darn it!!! How fun for the girls' to watch all the big girls