Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beach randomness

This is the first night that our daddy showed up after we had been here for a week with JinJin and Staci and madi.
We were happy to have him.  The Beach Club, whether or not you know this, is four buildings, and there are 5 outdoor pools.  We are on the 10th floor, so we have a really great view.
And when you go out to the back "yard" area, there are still three long boardwalks you have to walk down to access the beach.  They look incredibly long in this photo, but really, they're not that bad.  The beach boys set up chairs every day available for renting, along with umbrellas.  You can also choose to bring your own.
We keep several chairs and what not in our owner's closet, but we ALWAYS partake of the chairs and umbrella on the beach.  It's just so convenient, and they'll come around all day to see if you need your umbrella adjusted to shade just your face and shoulders, or everything or nothing, etc!  I sound pretty spoiled, don't I?  Well, in this case, I suppose I am!
The Beach Club is in Fort Morgan, which is right at the very bottom of Alabama.  It is a peninsula that juts out around Mobile Bay, so from our condo breezeway, you can see the gulf on one side of hte building and the bay on the other.  If you get a chance, look at a map of Alabama and see the little sliver of land that juts out at the bottom of the state and closes in around Mobile Bay.  There is an actual fort at the end of the road where soldiers used to protect access to America at the bay.  Don't ask me much more about which war.  What year.  Who was trying to get into America.  History is NOT my thing!  But it IS cool to go down there and look at the bunkers and old places where the cannons were kept, etc.  and to see it on a map, it all sort of makes sense!
See that little tiki hut down there on the side of the pool?!  Yea, well, I kind of protected THAT area this week!  ha
The girls felt they needed to take every floaty, ring, goggles, etc they'd ever seen in the condo down to the pool every day.  We got that settled down by telling them they had to help us carry all the stuff.  Suddenly, they got choosier!
Hey, looky here.  I painted the one on the right, and someone on instagram liked it and ordered one, and the one on the left is hers.  I think it's a pretty good replica!!
And so now we have our Daddy here for a whole week.
It's one of our favorite weeks of the year.  we are here with our family of four, plus Johnnye and Paula and their kiddos, and Emma Lou brought tween pals, so that cannot be cooler for Ellie.  We love to hang out with our friends here each year.
It's our happy place.


kimybeee said...

first - I will comment once on two posts lol you posted at 7am and 7pm??? what is up with that lol lol

second - your happy place looks like great fun for your family!

third - way to go on two posts in one day! lol

Unknown said...

I am loving all of your beach pics and living vicariously through you!!!! I love it!!

Mama J said...

Not feeling so well this morning and wide thanks for taking me to your 'happy place'. Brought a smile to my hacking coughing can't breathe face.

Amy K said...

It definitely looks like a Happy Place. I'd love to visit the Gulf Shores some day.

Zhohn said...

So jealous, but I guess I really can't be because ill be I'm Kissimmee 7 days and Pensecola 2 days next week. :)

Glad you're getting some relaxation time with your precious family.

Becky said...

don't think of it as being spoiledwhen you rent the chair and umbrella. Think of it as helping a kid pay his way through college - that is the job along with life guarding my son had in Myrtle Beach. Glad you are all having fun in your happy place

snekcip said...

Enjoying all the BEACH VACAY pics!!

Unknown said...

I think I've read where you say before that your condo is rented out on weeks ya'll aren't using it? Where would we find it for rent, on a site like We almost always head to FL (we live in GA) for the beach, but would love to check out Gulf Shores for a change of pace someday.

Kathryn said...

Love Ft. Morgan. So pretty there. We were down there one day this winter to just have a day, and got to look at the freighter that washed up on the point. Holy cow, that thing was huge!

Beth E. said...

I wish I had been there with you. The beach is my favorite place to be. :-)

Kris said...

Enjoy. We love going down there.

Jill Sanders said...

Found your blog (obviously). Enjoyed seeing y'all and visiting with everyone, can't believe it's been 14 years. :)