Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Attempted beach pics with three little divas

Well, we gave it a whirl anyway!
Stopped at WalMart for a few beach necessities, and I saw these cute little shirts for like, $3.00 or so, and thought, our girls need beach pics together!!
So,we set out before dinner one day to snap a perfect, all three looking my way, precious photo for me to frame in my condo.  HA!
We started at the swing.  Ellie was in an uncooperative mood, and Madi was too busy being silly to be cooperative either.

Gabs, as usual, was just happy to be there!
We had some big girl visitors midweek the first week, with KK, Lauren, and Jordan coming down to our condo to visit.  This is Lauren.  Her family is down here beachin this week too, but because she is good buds with KK, who was shacking up with us for a couple of days, we had the pleasure of treating her to dinner this night.
Check out these little brown beauties.

They are way too cool for school, and especially too cool to wait on the "little baby", Gabs. Poor precious one!

So small in a world so big!

The ocean had made a little mini pool on the beach, and the girls were so intrigued that I could not capture their attention!
Here is attempt number one at a beach pic!
And then I said, screw it.  I'll divide and conquer!!  First, Madi!

Wait.  WHAT?!  All three looking my way?!  Still, the shadows all over them and the condo in the background would never make it worthy of a blow up condo print!

I'm pretty crazy about this one of Gabs.
Ellie had the good idea of writing her name in the sand.
And then each kid followed suit.  I really do think this was a cute idea, but I had the sun behind them which is never ideal.

I really, really wish one of these with their names had turned out cause I LOVE this CONCEPT!!

So, in summary, we got cute shirts, attempted group shots on the beach, got a few cute individual shots, and went to eat some awesome seafood.  That's the evening in a nutshell!

Maybe some day!


kimybeee said...

oh well - at least they look normal lol lol you would think as often as they are photographed they would just get it over with. that is the way my daughter is - my son will fight takin a photo till death if he can lol lol

Zhohn said...

It's all about the memories :)

I never realized how much taller Madi is than Ellie. Love those sun kissed faces.

Unknown said...

They are all too cute even when they are not cooperating!!

Crystal said...

Cute!... Love their shirts and I love the idea of writing their names in the sand. We had to promise ours gaint chess, tennis, and more to get them to semi-cooperate.

Mama J said...

I can understand kiddos not cooperating for pics, but how much does it irk you as a photog when 'grown-ups' act like yodas when you want their pics taken. LOL Those three girls are precious whether happy, sad, mad, whatever. Their expressions are just priceless. I always imagine your antics as well as you are trying to coax them. Pretty funny visual.

Amy K said...

Cute no matter what!

What became of Madi's mysterious tongue issue?

Becky said...

your pictures - posed or not show what an awesome childhood chocked full of love and fun they are having. In the grand scheme of things of life - that is all that matters..Becky

melanie, aka Mo said...

Thanks, Becky!!