Monday, June 3, 2013

Poolside Nutella and college pals

Interesting blog post title, eh??  well, let's see why I named it that, shall we?!

Above:  That would be Ellie with a couple of college girls she befriended on her first day at the beach.  She's so shy!
So, while Staci, Madi, and Gabs swam around in the pool, Ellie was hanging with her sorority sisters.
They were carrying her around like they'd known her forever. And she just hung out with them like they were her new family.
Suzy got to witness all of this craziness.
They would walk by the pool on the way to the beach and yell, "Heeeey, Ellie!!"  And she'd run over and talk to them.  I swear this kid is a hoot.
Gabs  is still trying to protect the big girl pose.

And it is pretty cute when there is Nutella smeared all over her face!

yep, just eating it straight off the butter knife.
I told everybody else to just step away from this jar of Nutella and let my baby girl claim this one as her  own.
Madi, aka puffy-kini, was just watching all the craziness unfold.  I could just SEE me trying to get Ellie Sue to wear a bikini like this.  She will only wear mismatched bikinis at this point, because she thinks that is what all the big girls are doing.  I told Staci she is lucky in that she just says, "here, put your foot in here" and Madi complies.  We have to go to BATTLE to get her dressed for the day!
Oh... you know... just hot tubbin with some pals.
But I do get to dress this little angel.  She is only recently developing an opinion on things.  Most of the time it is emulating her big sister.
Do you think my baby girl likes Nutella?!
Well, she does.  A LOT!  I mean, what a great day?  Swimming pool, cousin, chocolate by the spoonful, college friends, and hot tubbin.
Can it get much better than THAT?!



Amy K said...

Haha! Oh my goodness, that Nutella face is absolutely precious. If only I had an ounce of Ellie's extroverted-ness. It's such a joy to read about all your special memories being made every morning.

Beth E. said...

What a great vacation for ALL of you...each one livin' it up, doing what you love! :-)

Zhohn said...

Can't get any better than that!

Ellie is hilarious, she loves life just like her momma. Gabbi is so cute, even with food all over her mouth :)

Mama J said...

Fast forward to her high school and/or college years...I wonder if you and Todd need to add on to the BAH. She will bring'em home by the bus load. She is just a little magnet. People are drawn to her. How special is that?

Unknown said...

It cracks me up how polar opposite thet are.... it will keep you on your toes!!! Precious girls!!

Ness said...

I envision a book series, combining the books of Sweet Valley series with the series of Sweet Valley University and calling it "Ellie Lives The Life". You would have to write a book a day to keep up with Ellie's adventures. I am going to relive my childhood Ellie Sue Style and see all the fun I would have had 54 years ago. GO ELLIE SUE!

Rhonda said...

I have been out of town myself and just got caught up on about 6 blogs! I love everything!!! Gabbi and her nutella are a hoot! That's a girl after my own heart!! I'm so NOT surprised Miss Ellie Bellie has found herself some college friends!! That last picture of her looking at the camera from the hot tub is like ~ seriously mom, don't act like you know me!!!! Beautiful little darlings!!!!

Susantwilhelm said...

Look at how the sun has brought out Gabbi's freckles?! Too precious! And Ellie -- well, I just shake my head and giggle.

Kaia said...

Gabbi's newly freckled face is sooo cute!