Sunday, June 2, 2013

Art by poolside with Miss Suzy

Remember when I thought I would have a beach art retreat?!  Well, there were two who signed up almost immediately.  And then, they didn't hear from me again for about two months.  Seriously.  Remember my little hiatus from blogging?!
Well, at any rate, both of those girls made alternate plans and I really didn't make too big of a point to get the beach retreat up and going, so here it is... Memorial Day weekend, and, well, there is only one person who made the trip with me.
Oh, one person and two little girls!!  And we were later joined by JinJin, Staci, and Madi too.
And here she is... Suzy!  Suzy is an art teacher in south Arkansas and has been following the blog for a long time. She and I have exchanged ideas for a several years as well.
I told her that we would definitely be doing art projects, but the "structured" nature of my typical retreats should not be expected.  After all, we would be spending much of our day poolside (although we painted there too!).
Suzy just blended right in like a dream guest.
She even took turns taking my demanding children to the pool when I wasnt' quite ready to be there.
She taught me a few things I'd never heard about, and I'll have to post our Zentangle project from our journal and show you our shared circle painting.
I quite enjoyed being "loose" with out plans.  I have been in great need of an actual getaway, and was glad I got to spend some quality time with my little girlies.
Here we are painting backgrounds on canvas bookmarks and covers to mini scrapbooks.

And you can see who is right there taking it all in... soaking in the info.  Studying our every move.
So that..... she too, could get in on the action.

This is probably just minutes before green paint exploded on my leg and all over this beach chair.

Meanwhile, in the pool.... Staci wrestled kids.
And that is how the Beach art retreat of 2013 went down.  But... Riley has contacted me, and just like last year, I have put the ball in her court to determine the dates for the fall.  I have lots of fun ideas archived and ready to share.  I think it might be September.  I'm waiting for her to tell me.  Ironically.  It worked last time.  I don't like the pressure of looking at my calendar to see what works best (cause nothing really does), and to try and work around everybody elses' agenda.  So, let's just see what Riley comes up with, shall we?!

See y'all tomorrow.



Unknown said...

I just love how creative you are!!! I need some of that asap and your energy!!!

SamC said...

I am going to start planning/saving for the next art retreat, unless it is around the weekend of my hubby's 50th birthday (man is he getting old) and our 30th anniversary (yes, I was a child bride of 19). Can't wait to see what date is picked out.

Zhohn said...

Fun fun!! Hope the next retreat works for me :)

Amy K said...

I love how you can craft absolutely anywhere. So fun!