Thursday, June 13, 2013

Getting artsy fartsy at the beach

So call me crazy or whatever...  but when I am at the beach, I have as many art supplies packed as I do clothes.  (MORE!).  I don't like to have time off and not have my tools with me should the opportunity arise for some creative freedom.
Suzy brought these really cute Little Golden books, and she directed a theme every night.  After she left, Ellie and I would try to come up with out own ideas.  This was  a night we wanted to use scraps of paper to create a design related to all things beachy.

We used some new water color washes and gel sticks.
I also had LOTS of jewelry finding handy in case the urge struck.  It did.
You'll get to see this one completed in a minute.

I painted a canvas to match the bedding of the new baby coming to our family... Staci will be a "Honey" soon, and our much too young Hayden is about to be a daddy.  Life goes on.  And a baby is always a blessing!
I saw this quote on the net and HAD to use it somewhere.
I had packed some little plywood boards, so I googled shells, found one that I thought looked interesting, paired it with the quote, and VOILA'!

I posted it on instagram and made a sale as well.  In case you are reading, it was packed up yesterday and will be in the mail today!!
So cute.  I just love it.  The condo adopted ours.
Did you know that ocean-themed jewelry is actually IN?!  Well, it is!
And it's a good thing, cause I was in the mood to make some!  This is a few shells I picked up on the beach and Mod Podged (dimensional magic or something) them into this bezel.
Todd brought Emma Lou, her friend Bradley Ann, and BOTH of our sitters to the beach with him.  GO TODD!  When they got there, we had art night often!
Here's another look at my completed necklace.
And this is what my little box of awesomeness looked like on the beach.  It was easy to pack and was inspiring, cause there were so many things tossed in there.  It fit nicely into my beach bag too.
Awww.. twinks!
I had all of these great quotes printed out for another project, so I tucked them in the bag, jusssst in case, I might want to use them for something.
I didn't take a picture of it, but I did start a fairly large mixed media canvas with one of them.
I also made a 12 month scrapbook, ready for photos for my dear friend, Lissy, who will be giving birth to Miss Phoebe Jane just any day.  That gift, my friends, is a labor of love.  EVERY page is decorated and embellished to be full of awesomeness for a whole year's worth of photos.
This is what Todd had to deal with for two weeks.  It's also on the counter and all over the table.
I made myself some shell earrings which I wore daily.... along with my favorite visor, which I begged off of a woman at the Beach Club pool last year.  I still can't believe she gave it up.  I think I traded her handmade jewelry.
I can't wait to wear this.  And by the way, I have TONS of handmade jewelry right now.  What's the best way to show it and sell it?!  Facebook?  Etsy?  Right here?!  What's the easiest for me and the buyer?!

 Oh, I also had an entire closet reserved for my art supplies.  Obsess much?!
 I love that my friend, Linda Lou, loves my jewelry as much as she does.
 She sits with me on the beach, helps me find shells, and even gives me feedback on my designs.
 She was the only one who got not only earrings, but also a beach inspired necklace.
 Here are a few of the earrings I made while on the beach.  These were for Renee.
 And Linda Lou eventually got these.
 Emma found these shells.
 And these were made for me.  I love all the danglies, and I kinda am liking long earrings these days.
 Renee's daughter snagged these.
 And I made these especially for Miss Linda.
 Noone in our group, as far as I knew, was left out.  All the women got new earrings... right there on the beach.
 I have several left... the ones above and all the ones below.

 So if you are interested, speak now.  Email me and we can work a deal!
 Paula got these simply designed ones, and they suited her perfectly.

 I just had a blast making them.  I could sit out on the beach all day long if I have something to preoccupy my mind and hands.
 I didn't; however, get around to filling all of these bezels with shells and goodies and making them into resin pendants.  Maybe next trip!
Snekcip, you can bite my wiener (with your "like a hotdog without a weiner" comment! ha).... I am sitting in the middle of the floor in Todd the Bod's gameroom to pick up a signal to create this blog!  Oh, the lengths to which I will go!

So, happy Friday to you all.  Let me know if you want some of these earrings.  I am planning a big ol sale somehow or another.



Zhohn said...

I just love you Mo! I really laughed out loud at your comment back to snekcip! Although I laughed at hers just a few minutes ago. Thank you for finding some wi fi and blogging just for us :))

Who says "I packed some little plywood boards"!!?? I want to be you when I grow up! Lol I love the sea shell though.

Never thought of giving a "ready to go" scrapbook as baby gift, but I agree, definitely labor of love! Love baby Sydney's painting... I am CERTAIN she will be as adorable and loved as the three girls y'all have now.

Sorry I haven't been commenting as much as normal... Vacation is tiring lol

Beth E. said...

Wow, all of your beach jewelry is great. Necklaces, earrings...I love it all! Wonder if ol' no-neck me could wear some of those dangle earrings? ;-)

Mbeaty19 said...

I really like the starfish earrings. Love all the necklaces you made also. I really think I'm going have to plan for a Mo Retreat sometime. Maybe a one-on-one would be best though. I think I would be so inspired by all you do and I know you could help my filter my endless stream of craft ideas so I could complete some of them. So happy you were able to blog (with pictures) We've been having issues here with our wifi and connections and I know how frustrating it is. Can't wait to go back over all these recent blogs and update my MO JOY idea folder. So inspiring!!!

Love the canvas for Sydney - She is being born into such an amazing family. I bet there's a little angel up in heaven saying "Yup that's the one. She's going on an incredible journey surrounded by the most perfectly selected family ever."

I love all your craft containers scattered around the condo. I'm sure all those visitors that come enjoy them to. I have to ask: Where do you store ideas that you find that you want to use? Do you have a designated area? Do you make folders? Do you store a lot of it in that multi-tasking mind of yours until it filters out when inspired?

Unknown said...

Dang it..... not only do I want just a sliver of your creativity, but some of your energy too!!!! You rock girl

Kathryn said...

Love your art!

Unknown said...

So much fun. You make me want to homeschool my kids and spend the month of September at the beach (its my favorite time at the beach). Then I could spend a month in Colorado too.

snekcip said...

Anyway you choose FB, ETSY, SIDE OF THE ROAD VENDING (Ha!) your stuff would sell!! I'm thinking hard on the one I want with YaYa on it!! Speaking of YaYa...HUGE CONGRATS to STACI on becoming a "HONEY"!! I like "different" love names for grandparents! I have had (2) friends already STEAL MY MONIKER!! I like Staci's!!

TO HAYDEN: CONGRATULATIONS Daddy!! From a former *Young Parent* Remember... young parenting is NOT EASY and challenging but with STRONG FAMILY SUPPORT it can be accomplished! I THANK GOD for my family support that I had back then! I was a 17yr old junior in HS. I finished HS (despite statistics saying it was nearly impossible)..went on to a higher learning. My "baby" is now 31yrs old and is now pursuing her doctorate and in 2015 will be DOCTOR S. JOSEPH!! You will make a WONDERFUL DAD because you have such good examples in your life. I see it's gonna be a girl!! Whooooooaaaa baby!!! The girls are aplenty in the family! TALK ABOUT CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! Omg!! That makes Madi an.....AUNTIE!!!!

ENJOY THAT BABY GIRL!! I can't wait to see pics of you and her together!!!

Susantwilhelm said...

I would love to have some of your earrings! Really love the ones with the silver disk and several others. Price? Deal?

jenny said...

Hey Mo, how much are the earrings? We have a missionary friend in Kenya. Her organization is called Starfish charities - you know the story about how you can't save them all, but you can save that ONE?
And I love the ones you made (for Linda Lou?) with the little seahorses - adorable!
Take care and put some prices out there!

Lisa said...

Love the jewelry, especially the dangling earring. Do you ever make nickel-free jewelry?
Congratulations to Hayden, the mom-to-be, and everyone! What a beautiful name they have chosen -she will certainly be cherished and adored (especially by 3 other little girls). She is a lucky baby, as she and her parents are fortunate to be in a loving and supportive family, and that is what is most important.