Friday, June 14, 2013

Beach sitters 2013

Well as you may know, KK now has a "real" job as an engineer.  I know, I know, it just ain't right!  But... as it is, we had to find new sitters for the beach this year.  First, we have Piper (far left, back row).  Piper is applying to PT school.  She was job shadowing in my clinic the week before we left.  I happened to mention that I really needed some help at the beach, and would she mind coming.  I had literally known her 30 minutes, tops! She agreed, and I felt the need to contact her mom via Facebook to let her know that I wasn't some crazy serial killer.  It worked out.  Piper was our college sitter.  She did great, with the only drawback being that she is an Ole Miss Rebel.
 Ellie only functions with older sitters!  She mimics their every move.  Like this... the other kids are in the jumper, but Ellie decided to tan her back with the big kids.
 And of course, she wore her shades atop her head and a big tank as a cover up like the big kids too.
 This is sitter number two.  Sarah has kept my girls a time or two, but it was a little out of the clear blue that we called and asked her to come along as well.  She was the high energy sitter.  The girls just loved her.  Sarah is a premier dancer/ ballerina in Miss LInda's ballet compnay.  Ellie idolizes her for that alone!
Gabs, as you know, loves everyone.
 I had two sitters come along because just as sure as I didn't, I'd have one kid begging to go to the beach, and one begging for the pool.  And as I have mentioned (and so many of you made me feel better about my mama guilt on this), I decided that I needed a little mama time, so I felt the expense of two sitters was worth it.  Gabs would announce, down at the beach, "I have to poop", and I'd look over their way, as if ... well, who's it gonna be?!
 How much does this picture crack you up!?  Piper, Ellie, and Sarah, lying out on the lawn.
 The  big girls were pretty spread out between my girls and their needs.  It wasn't really Ellie with one and Gabbi with one.
 It wouldn't have been fair that way anyway.  Ellie's sitter would've had it way easier.  Ellie just followed these two Tweens around every step they made anyway!
 This is Emma Lou, of course, and her friend, Bradley Ann, who rode down a few days earlier than Paula and Johnnye, with Todd.

It would also be hard for me to have a very enjoyable time at the beach if I didn't actually like the sitters myself.  I can say, these two made for an enjoyable week.

 I love that the beach club always has something for the kids to do.  This blow up bouncer was out front on the lawn in front of the restaurant we often walked down to for lunch.
 How bout this... a triple shoulder stand.
 So, Piper and Sarah, if you are out there and reading my blog... thank you for making mine and Todd's week much more leisurely and enjoyable!
 The girls loved y'all and maybe we can make a return trip next year  (or the fall!!).
 We only had a bit of a problem getting the SIX of us back in the suburban with all the suitcases, art supplies, and stuff I bought at the outlet malls down there!!
 (this pic was taken on the way home in a Dairy QUeen ... dang I love the DQ!!)



Zhohn said...

Cute cute, I like meeting everyone involved with the Groves clan. Love Ellie acting like a teen.

PS: love DQ also, usually only get it when going to Florida but recently one opened in BR (not the closest to the "action" but better than two-three states away!).

Unknown said...

Love how you make your babysitters feel like family!!

kimybeee said...

just ship back some of your stuff - it will probably beat you home lol lol

looked like tons of fun - and what is a vacation if you don't have me time!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I did, kimmybee, 4 boxes!! I have issues! Mo

Shan said...

I remember when you blogged a # we could call if interested in renting your condo in Ft. Morgan. It was Jessie's #. I tried to call and it is no longer in service? Was wondering if you still rented your condo? If so is there a # I can call?
Shan Hope

melanie, aka Mo said...

Ask for jessi

kimybeee said...

and you still didn't have room lol maybe you need a tow behind trailer lol lol

Nena said...

I speak from experience - invest in a Stow-n-Go. It is a cargo carrier that goes into your receiver hitch. Best money we ever spent!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I TOLD TOdd we needed that!!

Nena said...

You won't regret the purchase. We take ours everywhere!! Be sure to order the one that you can mount your car tag too. It swings out from the side of your car and you still have full and easy access to your car's cargo area. I have a Yukon XL and can't imagine taking a trip without it.

Beth E. said...

You are blessed to have such wonderful sitters! Oh, and the triple shoulder stand looked great - made my shoulders hurt just to think about it, though! ;-)