Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yvonne, Crystal and Kimmy... this one's for you!

Yvonne, I have done the paper bag book.  I used to do them quite a bit.  I think I'll do a tutorial on those one day on the blog for you.  And I'll try to remember to post an example of my own for you.

Crystal, I have not forgotten you. I have to go back and find your email telling me your story (unless you want to RE-email it to me so it is front and center.  And then, I have to locate all the pics I took of your talisman to tell the story.  (what month/ approximate date did I send it to you... I have thousands of pics each month to sort through!!)

And... Kimmy,
I LOVE that you just read the Jake story!  The entirety.  And I need to talk to you about your experience with that.  Can you call me?  Email me so I can send you my number.

And the internet has been sucking eggs at my house, so I cannot load my pics right now to do a blog.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT in this day and age?  I need my own IT specialist.  seriously!

Until I can load pics....

Have a happy Thursday!



Unknown said...

Boo on technology troubles.....

Crystal said...

Yay! :)
I will do some research and send your way.

snekcip said...

Reading your post w/out pics is like a eating a hotdog w/out a weiner! :)