Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shopping with three little divas

Anyone recognize this awesome piece of codfish?  I've been ordering the same thing from this place since I was a little girl!  We used to come to this place EVERY Friday night and still make it home in time for all of us to catch Dallas.  Got a guess on where this is?
HInt:  THe ladies also take the girls' trays to the table for them.

Until you figure it out, let's cut to the after lunch shopping trip.  I was shopping around, and these two nuts kept coming up to me in totally new get ups.
And then Madi got in on the action!
We'd all been to the first of three rehearsals for the recital.   To answer the question asked two blogs ago, yes, they do miss school for this week of rehearsals.  I have NO idea how we all get away with that.  But... I'm game!  It makes the last week of school quite hectic, but also... OVER!  So, when we were done with school, we were also done with dancing, and in my mind... it was officially summer!
My little Gabs doesnt' really dress herself, so imagine my surprise as she kept coming back to me with totally new shoes, hats, bracelets, and scarves.
I was proud of her.
Madi really pretty much loved the dress up too.  Ellie was really in truly shopping.  As in, "Mom, can I have this shirt? "
"Ellie, this is an adult store.  You can't wear any of these clothes."
"Mom.  Look.  I tried it on.  I think it does fit!  I can wear the small."
"Ok, Ellie.  Just get it and let's go."
Meanwhile, back in the vintage area...

Back and forth. Back and forth.  Had it not been for the fact that I was buying lots of graduation gifts and spending a good bit of cashola in this store, I would've made them stop.  They were pretty much scattering things to and fro.  But the saleslady wisely recognized that keeping them preoccupied kept me shopping!  And so, she obliged!
Eventually I was able to get them preoccupied with some sales forms and a few highlighters.

THese three little monkeys surely are close.  I am glad they get to grow up together.

They've had an absolute BLAST at the beach together this week.  Staci, JinJin and Madi will only be here one more day.  They head out on Thursday.  New friends and sitters will be coming in for another week or so.
I wait all year for this fun week.  My girls totally LOVE the pool and on and off, the beach.  I love the time off, as I need to occasionally turn my brain off. I have made two scrapbooks since I've been here.  Three canvases.  And have begun a scrapbook for a friend who is soon to have a baby.  (I think she should name her Melanie.  Just sayin') .  So, I am in my zone!  Tomorrow, we'll be painting poolside!

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Debbye said...

Love reading your blog all the way in California and seeing how different our beaches are! Gabbi is really starting to look like the little girl in the movie Beaches with all of those adorable freckles she's getting. Thanks for always posting!

Mama J said...

Looks like you had a Piccadilly stop. It is cool that you found a salesperson who recognized that customers will shop and buy when their kiddos are happy..LOL Glad you are able to have some what does ole Todd do while you are gone? My hubby would say...'whatever he wants'. God bless' our guys!

Amy K said...

How fun to play dress up in someone else's "closet"!
Wow, you're rockin' the creating/crafting department at the beach.

Zhohn said...

Piccadilly! Rarely eat there anymore but love the macaroni.

The girls were loving the heels, huh!? They're so adorable and grown up now.

Unknown said...

All three girls are so precious and it is awesome that they are all so close in age. Fun times!! I love that you are getting some down time at the beach

Beth E. said...

Seeing those three cuties and the joy in their eyes always warms my heart. How wonderful they have each other!

I'm not wishing away their childhood, but I look forward to seeing them as teenagers...girl, those three will keep you and Staci hopping just trying to keep up with them! Haha!

Sharidrew said...

I don't know what Piccadilly is. I was going to say Furr's Cafeteria (because of the tray's) We used to go there after church when we visited my grandparents in TX. Love all your posts. Glad you are getting a chance to turn your brain off! Enjoy!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Kristina said...


jrey said...

Yep, Piccadilly!

snekcip said...

I was going to say Wyatt's Cafeteria, but I don't know if that even exist in that neck of the woods.

Becky said...

I think it is K&W cafeteria or that is what they are in our neck of NC. You MUST print out the copy of Gabbi in the hat with the high heels on the wrong feet. That is the most precious photo I have seen in a long time.

Susantwilhelm said...

I was going to say Luby's!

Kala said...

Love me some Piccadilly!

Cori said...

So sweet that y'all make it a priority to create memories with the generations of women. My grand mother passed away very unexpectedly a few weeks ago so I know how precious the memories are.

This is totally random, but I remember your girls wore these Remembering Nguygen dress at the beach years ago with blue trim and little red flowers and also these pumpkin cardigans at the patch. I would love to purchase those if you ever sell!!