Thursday, May 30, 2013

Polly's Place

Guess what... today I uploaded pics from the beach trip.  So, that means starting tomorrow, I will be able to share beachy posts!  When I upload pics, I typically mean around 600 or so at a time.  You may or may not realize (ha!!), but I take a lot of photos.  So, there is a process involved in getting them all in files an labelled and sorted, etc.  I have a very organized filing system for my pics for the past 5years; starting with the birth of Ellie.  I might not could put my finger on any picture at any given time, but I'd have a pretty good starting place.

Anyhoo, let me tell you about this day.  This was one day when we all three went out to support a little patient of mine who is a straight up miracle!  Gaines was in distress when he was born and had to be resuscitated.  He was not breathing for 12 minutes.
And let me tell you.. he is a straight up miracle!!  So, we all donned our TEAM GAINES tee shirts and went out to participate in a fundraiser walk for March of Dimes.  As soon as it was over, we headed right on into our buddy, Polly's Place!
To my recollection, the girls have never had an "official, sit-in-the-chair" haircut.  And so, this was the day!
Polly spritzed it a little to make it more official and then, trimmed those raggedy ends!
I know I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.  When Jake was sick, Polly said, "I don't have a lot of money I can donate, but what I can donate, I will.  I will not accept any money from you or any of your family for haircuts/ color/ whatever until Jake is healed."  And she meant it.  She WANTED us to all come to her for our hair needs.  And she refused to accept any payment.
and when she could, she would also throw in awesome hair products that I assume she could get for cost.  She would send goodie bags with me to Memphis for Staci of mousse, gel, straightening stuff, whatever!  And let's just admit it... who doesn't love all that kind of stuff?!  It was always a fun surprise for Staci.  (Oh... she did it for me too!)
And if you recall, I had Hunter and Hayden for a couple of years in there, so they were part of the deal too.  And she definitely meant it when she said she wanted us to all come to her.
Polly has a great servant's heart.  She is a really good friend.
She and Staci have been good buds since they were in elementary school.
And I mean, DANG!  I look fly!  Thanks, Polly, for always taking care of us and making us look and feel great.

Have a good Thursday, y'all.



Sharidrew said...

No comments yet! Oh my! What a great way to pay it forward! Awesome, Polly! You all look fabulous! Can't wait for beachy posts.....since I haven't been to the beach in like two years!

Hugs from Missouri,

Zhohn said...

I remember Polly "donating" haircuts. What a great community y'all have there.

Can't wait for some beach pics. Loved the video of y'all singing Happy Birthday to MA.

Beth E. said...

You and the girls look great!

Blessings to Polly for giving from the heart...great is her reward in heaven!

Lisa said...

What a lovely and genuine individual Polly is - you are all lucky to have each other!
And you all look great!

Nana said...

When we were in WM a couple of weeks ago, we passed by Polly's Place. I told Bob about how she donated hair care and hair products during that time. She truly has a servant's heart and is a great friend.
Recognized the Piccadilly immediately and wrote a comment, which disappeared.. It was a big deal when I was in high school and we could drive all the way to Monroe from Delhi on Saturday to shop...always having cod at the Piccadilly. Then we continued to eat there VERY often until we moved. I miss it..Luby's doesn't compare. When we first moved and would go would be Piccadilly, Pe-Gees, Pickle Barrel, Pizza (Johnny's), and Peking. The 5 P's of eating in Monroe!

jrey said...

I am honored to call Polly one of my true best friends. Thank you Mel for honoring her today with those precious words. Y'all look great with those new do's!

jenny said...

What a sweet friend. Love that story - just proves we can ALL give something to help others. Kudos to Polly!

Bella's mommy said...

I think all of our babies are going to grow up in her chair!

snekcip said...

I SO REMEMBER THIS AWESOME LADY!!! Good to see a post about GOOD PEOPLE who STILL EXIST in this day and time!!!

Crystal said...

Polly has a heart of gold! I love that she gave how she could, I'm going to let that soak in for me to process what I can start giving more of.
Don't forget MY pictures and post about my necklace. :)

Unknown said...

I love how awesome your town is! It seems like everyone is so kind!

Amy K said...

God's people are GOOD!

Lookin' good Mo! The beach pictures on Facebook have been fun - can't wait to see more here.