Monday, May 27, 2013

MMPT Staff Paint Party

From time to time I just want to get my crew together and do a little bonding.  This is my MMPT girlies.

I'm pretty sure I remember correctly that it was also bad weather, so some of the MMPT girlies who were planning to come over from out of town had to cancel.  But for those who did, we had a ball.  This is my new receptionist in the pediatric building, Abigail.
She was a rebel.  She decided to do her own thing and added some background images on which she intended to work more when she got home.
And this is a guest.  She'd been at a retreat earlier in the week, which was bid on and won by a friend at a fundraiser.  She said, "If you EVER do this again, please call me.  I want to be included".  And so, I did.  And so, she did!

Below is Kourtney.  She is a fairly new PTA at the West Monroe MMPT location.
Her saying says, "Your greatness is not in what you have.  It's in what you give."  Good quote.
Polly worked on her heart with wings, but had something else in mind that she wanted to put on the front of the canvas, so she also decided she'd finish hers up later in the week and on her own.
Gabs joined us and did a little camo inspired piece!

This is Britany.  She is a parent of a super duper cute kid who comes to MMPT. I was so glad she took me up on the invitation to join us.  Her quote said, "Choose to see the world through optimistic eyes."
And this is the whole group.
I was pretty impressed with the body of work.
This is mine.  I did this funky little bird with the class as an example, and used the quote, "Your greatness is not in...." like Kourtney.  I gave it to Ellie's kindergarten teacher at the end of the year.
Emery got all fancy schmancy and did some sort of landscape vs the mixed media project at hand.  It's her perogative!
Above is Casey, a new OT at the West Monroe office.  She chose, "Today I choose joy".  And below, Becky liked the same quote but went in a totally different direction with her artwork.
THat's the beauty of art!!  Everybody interpreted the project in a totally different way!
Polly helped me manage the music.  ANybody else have one of these new beats pods?  Kinda cool.

I LOVE art.  It brings people together.  ANd speaking of art and bringing together.  I can't wait to share with you all of the art that Suzy and I made this weekend at the beach.  We inspired each other!  I wish she lived closer!

I am such a super duper blessed girl to get to have an art room like this.  I think I could do without a kitchen in my next house, but I could never again do without this!

We used stencils, sprays, distress inks, paint, decoupaged old hymnal pages,....
ANd even learned to use dryers to speed the process along for expediting the layers.
It was a good night.  I wish I could commit to doing this about once a week.  I think more people would benefit from exploring their creative side.  And I would L.O.V.E. to be the facilitator of such a fun activity.  I have been working on some new really fun ideas to do at an art retreat... to inspire creativity, positivity, and growth.  HOpe to implement it soon.



Mama J said...

I would say you have a pretty creative group at MMPT. They are fortunate to have you as well...all some peeps need is someone to tap into their talent pool to give them that outlet. Otherwise, they may never venture out to do that on their own. Good for you!

Unknown said...

I love how creative you are and wish I had even just a little!! You also make everything seem so fun! !

Amy K said...

Great creations! What a fun time to get together and create while enjoying each other's company.
Yes indeed, your art room rocks!

Ness said...

Please let me know when the next Mo Art Retreat is...I sorely need it after the sudden loss of my BFA of 41 years.