Sunday, May 12, 2013

More JinJin memories.

 This picture was taken this past Christmas.  Hunter and Hayden have turned into young men.  And as I am approaching 44, and Staci is about to hit the big 4-0 herself, we've turned into "middle aged" women ourselves.  How'd THAT happen!?  I still feel like my mama's little girl.  I sometimes find it totally surreal that I have these two little girls of my own, and my mama has daughters in their 40s.  I just can't wrap my mind around having my own kids be that old.
 JinJin is still spry.  She makes sure that hte girls have traditions in place and that they respect them.
 She stays close to her sisters.
 She pretends to be outdoorsy if it's what the girls want to do!  ha

 She'd even go so far as to bait a hook if it meant they were having fun.

 Yessirree Bob, JinJin is all about making memories.  And I am so glad she made so many with me.  I had a fun childhood.  I am having a fun adulthood too.  I am beyond grateful for the love and life my mama has given me.
Thanks for carrying me in your womb, mom.  Thanks for loving me and cradling me, and rocking me and soothing me.  Thanks for taking me to dance classes, softball, cheerleading and dance line.  THanks for never letting me hear that it was a burden. Thanks for sacrificing so I could get a new dress for homecoming.  And for never letting me know that it had been a sacrifice.  Thanks for encouraging me to always run for president or captain, and believing in me to GET it!  Thanks for making me WANT to hand in a report that was always in the perfect folder with the perfect cover sheet, and for always making sure I was giving my best.  And now, thanks for loving my little family.  You are sweet to Todd as if he was yours.  You adore my girls.  You are a great mama!  I love you and wish you the very best Mother's Day!



Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to Jin-Jin - she taught you well!!!!
What a wonderful family.
Enjoy your day too.
Take care,
Diana from Colorado

Nana said...

Love the posts about Jinny! You did a beautiful job sharing your love and appreciation for her. She is a sweet lady loved by all who know her. Cleaning out a drawer yesterday and found the program from Jake's celebration service and the newspaper well as a picture of all of you in our front yard the week after (on the way back from S.A.) I think that might have been the last time I saw Jinny (saw you and Stacy in Canton for a few minutes) ... Will be up there for a few days. Would love to see the girls in real life! Tell Jinny hello from both of us.

melanie, aka Mo said...

Nana... you just say WHEN! They'll be out of school. Of course, I'll need to run it by Ellie Sue and her social agenda, but I feel certain they'd always be up for Johnny's Pizza! Or come by and see the new house!! Mo

Zhohn said...

You're going to make me cry, Mel! I love that you ALWAYS realize and acknowledge how blessed you are. You do indeed have a wonderful mother, and you're a wonderful mother now yourself. Thank you for continuing to share your family with us. We "knew" you before the girls and you were an amazing person then and now seeing you with your girls is wonderful and joyful. They are blessed to have you and Todd as parents and as role models. Keep making those special memories with your girls! I hope we continue to share them with y'all.

Renee said...

Great Jin Jin stories. Hope you both had a Happy Mother's Day.

Amy K said...

Oh my, that last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful!

jenny said...

Oh, Mel. I love your mama too! Mine is slipping away slowly due to dementia (she's 82), so this is even more poignant to me. Enjoy your mom while you have her and while she is "all there." I love my mom so much, but it's very hard to see her declining. God bless all our good and godly mamas!