Sunday, May 12, 2013

More about my mama!

 When I was recently recognized for an award... guess who was there.  Good ol' MOM!  She's not gonna miss something going down for her girls, her son in laws, nor her grandkids.  It just ain't gonna happen.  Imagine her grief when she found out BOTH of her kindergarten graduates are having K graduation at the exact same time this coming Friday.  She's pulled some strings and worked her magic and THINKS, just perhaps, she might be able to see them both do their thing.  We'll see!
 So, yet another cool thing my mama did for me when I was in college.  If I am reading that right... Easter Sunday, 1989.
 AND.  If I am reading that right, my mama gave "MIss 4.0 NLU student"  one all expense paid vacation to Florida during Spring Break.  Now tell me that isn't a cool Easter gift!  And if you wanna know more about that trip... well... it was the very same trip that I went wiht all my KD sisters and a few Kappa Sigs and some Pikes, and we all listened to our buddy, Tim McGraw, strum his guitar and sing to us on the balcony.  Who in the world knew what his destiny would become.  But, I digress.   Back to Mother's Day.

 Even when the "Easter Bunny was broke", he/ she seemed to find a way to make it extra special!
 Yep.  That was my mama. She made everyday special.  And I am forever grateful to her for shaping me into the woman I have become through her unconditional love, discipline, and good example.
There's another one coming... 8:00PM.  See ya then.



Zhohn said...

What a great momma you have! Your girls will feel the same about you :)

Sure hope JinJin gets to see both of her girls Friday.

Jeni said...

Everyone needs a Jin Jin Mom! My grandma used to do the same thing. I wish I would of kept the tradition for my kids. I suppose its never to late!

Beth E. said...

I see where you get your creativity...what a great gift and what an awesome mom!

Mama J said...

Yeah Buddy!

Crystal said...

I hope she is able to make it to both graduations!

Amy K said...