Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to JinJin

 Do you know how much my mama loves my girls?  A LOT!  A whole, whole lot!
 ANd as her daughter, I know she loved me just this much.  When I see her with them, I know that must have been how she was with me when I was their age.  It's hard to imagine that, and for sure, I can't remember being that small or that adored, but I know how I feel about being a "girl mama" and I feel quite certain that Jinnie was just as blissful in her role as mama.
 So, let me tell you a little about my mama's love language.  I am going out on a limb here, but I have to imagine that it is GIFT GIVING!  My mama made everything special!  Actually, she still does.  Todd and Don are now just part of the family, so they get gifts for everything too... I'm talking Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween... whatever.  If it's a "day" and we can celebrate it, my mama is buying gifts for everyone!
 As I am looking through my old scrapbooks, I see this... one of the scavenger hunts that my mama used to send me and Staci on all through the house.  She has also been known to send me all over campus to find all the necessities for dorm living when I started college as a freshman.  But again... that'll have to wait for another day.  For now... start reading these clues.
 Mama would make up little poems for every clue!  And the clue would send us to find our next prize.
 We'd always get our first clue in our Easter basket on the hearth.  We would tote our baskets around, criss crossing each other all through the house, trying to collect all of our prizes.

 And she did it right... fingernail polish, hair goodies, make-up...
 panties.  Just sayin.

 Did you read the one above?  It's classic.  And if you can't read the little caption in parentheses, it says, ("Omitted because of obscene nature").  And for the record, it was a bra!
Yep.  That's how my mama rolled.  So, if you are still wondering where I get all my creativity from, I guess you now have an idea.  Good ol mama.  Thanks mama, for teaching ME how to be a SUPER FUN MOM!

(Oh.  and wait.  There's more!  Check back at 5:00.  New blog then!!)



randdmom said...

That is so awesome!!! I wish I could be so creative!

Mama J said...

I would say the genes carried over big time. What a wonderful gift she passed on. That gift is Godly...tis better to give than receive. Your happiness and appreciation was your gift to her. Now you ALL just give, give, give. Wonderful I tell ya, just wondurfull.....!

Zhohn said...

Oh I love it!! You definitely learned from your momma!

Crystal said...

Happy Mothers Day! I love how your family celebrates everything to the MAX. Jin Jin did great!

Amy K said...

What great memories those must be! You passing that down to your girls is such a gift to them.

snekcip said...

Love this idea!! Very creative!