Saturday, May 11, 2013

Good Ol JinJin

 So, I seem to get the same questions asked of me continually.  Namely, "When do you sleep?"  and "How do you do all that you do?!"

Well, here on this special day, MOTHER'S DAY, I think I should give you all my secret.  It's my MAMA!
 She is the reason I learned work ethic.  She is the reason I learned how important it is to make holidays special.  She is the reason I learned how important it is to make others feel loved and appreciated.

And only about three weeks ago, we had about 4-5 big boxes delivered from the old house.  (That's right, still haven't fully moved out.  But that's for another day!!)  Anyhoo.  In one of those boxes was an old scrapbook from my college days.  In it I found that, other than the fact that I have been a hoarder since my late teens, I kept just about everything my mama ever gave me when I was in college.

While checking it all out, I found this card, which apparently was a Mother's Day card from her to me. ... but about her!  ha
 You really MUST read all of her little sidenotes.
 (in case you didn't remember this, I've never had fever a single day of my life according to Jinnie!  She would say, "nope, you don't feel hot to me.  Get up, get your clothes on, you're going to school.")

 (also JinJin was renowned for the imaginary line... in the car.  In the bed.  In the room.  And Staci and I were not allowed to cross "the line" and get in the other person's personal space, or Mama was going to "pull this car over right now"!
 (but she did always get me an outfit for the dance too!!)
 (not sure Dad ever owned a tie!)

 And finally... at least she's humble!!
actually from her I get a great sense of humor too!  So stay tuned, as I share pictures and other stories, and letters that I got from mom while in college.

I'll spare you from the NUMEROUS Ann Landers columns on pre marital sex.  YES.  I go those columns on a regular basis while down at LSU.  Good ol' Jinnie was determined to raise her up a good kid.

Thanks, MOM!  I love you.  And wait til you see what other treasures I found! Check back at 3:00 PM to see what else I have in store!



Zhohn said...

Awwwww! That was cute, loved all of her notes. Jin did a great a job raising her girls :)

Can't wait for more. Happy Mother's Day!

Mama J said...

The picture is getting a little clearer....JinJin started it...How Sweet!

Amy K said...

You have definitely been blessed with an amazing mama!

Happy Mother's Day!

Unknown said...

Love the card! She is a kick!! What a great mom!!!!

Becky said...

Have a great day!

Crystal said...

Awe... Love the invisible line! We have those too.