Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Candy jewelry!

Recently, I decided it was time to start using some of my precious treasures from Tucson.  When I was in Tucson, I saw these beads that I thought resembled candy.
and when I saw them, I immediately thought about a boutique in Monroe called Herringstone's.
The beads were gorgeous individually.  But when they were all displayed together, they were luscious.
I paired them with glass faced stones, gold, silver, and spacers.
and then, Emery in my office, had this bangin' idea to take sticks out of the yard at the office and make these fun jewelry holders. 
They were just plain ol sticks that she secured with wire and then sari ribbon.  Each rack was painted a different color.
They were as unique as the earrings.  Here, let me show you a little sampling!
I loved that some of the "candy beads" were made short.  Some long.  Some on hoops.  and some on hooks.
I knew that Herringstone's is known for bright colorful, trendy clothes, and I just knew that these earrings would interest their customers.
And so I made them with them in mind... for instance, some purple and gold for all the new graduates who shop there who will soon be heading to LSU in the fall.
Do you see any you find particularly interesting?!
Herringstone's has an online store.  I suppose you could google it if you see some earrings you'd like to have.
I think these were some of my favorites!!
They are made from two of my favorite colors... turquoise and coral.
Some were super gaudy, and some were neutral and could be worn with fancy schmancy or a pair of jeans and a white top.
Even beads which I wasn't crazy about initially (like the mauve ones below), became 10x more interesting when matched up with neat drops and a cool metal bead.  
I'm gonna regret not keeping a pair or two of these this fall when we are cheering on the Tigers!

And after Herringstone's of Monroe saw the presentation, She contacted her daughter, who also owns a Herringstone's in Lafayette, LA, who wanted 30 pair for her store too.  Emery whipped up another rack (Check out the bottom with my logo and "locally handcrafted".
SOme people appreciate handcrafted things.  I sure hope they fly out of their stores!
WHat's interesting is that I doubt if there were two pairs the same.
But when hung together, they just seemed so cohesive.

Well, anyhoo, if you are nearby, go by Herringstone's and pick up a pair of these handcrafted earrings.

I'm eager to start seeing them in the ears of people around town.  They've already been featured in Bayou Life magazine with Sadie (Willie, of Duck Dynasty's daughter), wearing a pair.

Expecting some fun things for MoJoy this year.  Hoping to get that little business off the ground!
Keep your eyes and ears open for news on a much more active Etsy store.  OH... and who's ready for a beach art retreat?! Kaye, you still in?!  What about you, Kim?!  Anyone else?  Anyone?!  Anyone?  It'll take place in two weeks!!  I haven't forgotten.  Just living what has to be one of the busiest times of my life right now.  I am ready for some downtime!!



connie said...

i love the ear rings you have made i wish i could get some of your ear rings on the site im sure you will sell them like hotcakes i cant wait to see what you do with your etsy shop keep up the great work ohh iwish i could afford to go to the art retreat at the beach oh well i will watch what you all do..

Nena said...

Can you remind me as to the dates, cost, projects, etc.?

Amy K said...

Eye candy for sure! Beautiful creations Mo. The pair in pic #17 jumped out at me. Congratulations on the store gig! I'll definitely be watching for the Etsy update.

Zhohn said...

The jewelry holders are adorable! Love all of the earrings.

Maggie said...

Turquoise and Coral is one of my fave combinations right now too! I just bought an old narrow bookshelf at a tag sale and was thinking of stripping and repainting it to go in my little crafting area to hold all sorts of jars and boxes... these days I want to "pinterest" everything up. Thanks for the reminder about a great color choice!

Rhonda said...

As much as I LOVE the earrings, I REALLY love the earring stands!!! They are so artsy and funky - I love funky and different and wild n' crazy!!!! Beautiful jewelry!

Hallie said...

Oh how I wish I could go. Would definitely be interested if you do an all jewelry retreat in W. Monroe sometime.

Susantwilhelm said...

Mel -- I really want/need some of your beautiful jewelry. Let's say talisman with matching earrings???? Send me an email at and we can discuss!

Also -- I referred a friend of mine to you whose daughter is needing some pretty intense physical therapy in Houston. I tagged you in the post and hope that you can at the very least give her a couple of references.

Kim said...

Waaaaaahhh.....(yes, that is me crying LOUDLY!). I hadn't heard anything, and knew you were busy....soooooo.....I was thinking this retreat was put on the back burner for now....guess that's what I get for "thinking". (insert VERY sad face here) Trying to recover from a huge unexpected tax bill ~ I filled that weekend with a local craft show in hopes of making some money! I am so sorry....I guess I should not "think" anymore and ASK!

jenny said...

Wow! Love the earrings AND the racks. Y'all are SO creative.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness..... the colors are too die for!!! I live them all. You should sell them on your website. They would be a hit for sure! !!!

Holly said...

Just Bee-U-tiful!

Crystal said...

Jewelry! Oh goodie! Am I next?
I love your holder and those black fancy looking ear rings! Beautiful....

Mary said...

these are absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVE them!

Kaye Cannon said...

Did you get my Facebook message? Morgan will be home after 84 days away working and I can't go. Very sad about this!

Lisa said...

Stunning! Love them. Happy Mom's Day to you, Stacy, and the grandmoms!

Mr P's Tees said...

Love them all and the cool funky holders!!