Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mary Allison's graduation party.

Whoot Whoot.  I am at the BEACH!  And that means, I am not working.  And that means I have the time to blog every day!  So, get yo'self ready!  I have LOTS of blog photos loaded up and ready for me to tell you all about... today, it is all about my little high school graduate!! 
Yep.  Mary Allison is now a graduate.  And she's headed to LSU in the fall.  That's not cool since it is almost 4 hours away!  But, it does make for a good excuse for a roadtrip!!
So, I was asked to help host a grad party with MA's Aunt Judy (Cousans).  It was a Mexican fiesta theme.
And there were also blow up bouncy houses and a water slide in the front yard.
I suppose one is never too old for a bouncy house and a water slide!!

I've been watching most of these youngsters grow into young adults.  After all, Mary Allison has been a part of our family since she was 12.  And lots of these young ladies have been in and out of our social circles with MA since preteen days.
These three are dancers for Miss Linda.  With the recital recently, I got to watch them perform their last recital.  Bittersweet.  All of these girls have also been a part of the Twin City Ballet Company for years too.
Here are Mary and her BFF, Lauren.  These two helped me with my art classes in the fall.  They did a fab job!

Here are my cute shoes and pedicured toes.  Look hard and fast, cause groomed toes and wedge heels are a rarity!! 
Hey... y'all remember Nicole?  My old next door neighbor?!  And Mary Allison ACTUAL aunt? ! Maybe you did and maybe you didn't realize that MA's mom, Pam, is Nicole's older sister.  And guess who that is in the blue... ready for this?!  IT's KK's mom!!!  So glad she decided to have KK!  She is like a part of the fam!!  In fact, we are waiting on KK to join us at the beach in a few days! 

This young hunk is headed to an Ivy League School.  He is going to play football there, I do believe.  But he is also a genius.  And speaking of genius, my MA was also a valedictorian of a class of well over 450.  Pretty dang impressive, huh?! 
And she wore the tassel for National Honor Society.  And she was voted Most School Spirit by her peers.  Considering my baby girl's last couple of years, I'd say she has risen WAAAY above her circumstances!  It takes a BIG, BIG heart to do that.  She is quite an impressive young lady!
Hey!  It's me and Nicole!
Reunited, and it feeeels so good....
And so. That concludes my recap of the great graduation party of 2013.  Just you wait... I have about 10 or more blogs loaded up and ready to rock and roll.  PLUS. I am at the beach, so I have about 1,000 more pics on their way!  And... no work.  SO, I oughta be able to get it done!  Hang in there with me, peeps. 
Peace out,


Crystal said...

Congratulations MA! You are an amazing young lady!
Beach time- yay! Hope y'all have super fun!

angela said...

Ahh...your blog is my downtime at night after a long day of work. Looking forward to all the posts. =] Enjoy your time at the beach!

Kaia said...

Wow! Valedictorian of a class that large is very impressive, not to mention all of the other achievements! Congrats!

Unknown said...

What an awesome woman Mary Allison has grown into. She is such an excellent role model for your girls.

Mama J said...

You have every right to be proud of sweet and Todd and the girls have been and will continue to be a very constant in her life. No doubt, it has helped ground her. She is very blessed to have achieved so much at such a young age...the sky is the limit for her. Thanks for sharing!

Zhohn said...

Congrats to MA!

Can't wait for more pics and stories. Enjoy the beach!

Amy K said...

Such an amazing young lady! Yes, I definitely agree that she's risen above her circumstances. You all are so blessed to have each other.

Enjoy the beach - I look forward to seeing the adventures. The FB posts look like you're having a wonderful time.

Kathryn said...

Please drive over to the crab shack for me and eat a bowl of gumbo for me. Best in the world! Hooray to sweet, sweet MA!

Sharidrew said...

What wonderful parties you throw! Congrats to MA!! I actually had a couple tears and you aren't even kin! LOL. What an amazing girl she is to push through the bad stuff and keep on keeping on! Have fun at the beach!! Totally jealous!

Hugs from Missouri,

Holly said...

Congratulations to Mary Allison! She's AMAZING!

Hope there's a recital blog in our future?

Have fun at the beach!

Holly and JakeDog

Becky said...

Glad you are back to the blog. Miss you when you are too busy. That is awesome for MA! I'm so glad that she is surrounded with lots of love allways but especially on those special life events like prom and graduation.
Have a drink for me! Becky in NC

Emily said...

So glad you are NOT working....everybody needs to CHILL now and then-ENJOY YOURSELF!

Riley said...

Yay for being back!! I hope you enjoy every minute of the beach. Can't wait to read more.

snekcip said...

Never doubted for a minute that Mary Allison would be and will continue to be the ODDS!! You GO GIRL!!!!!

Beth E. said...

Congratulations to Mary Allison! It's obvious she is loved by one and all! What a beautiful young lady...a true inspiration!