Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to me

 As many of you know, or certainly could have figured out by now, I use my blog to document my life.  There is so much happening, and life moves so fast that I just really don't want to forget any of it.

For that reason, I blog!
And this blog post is dedicated to what I saw when I came home from an out of town course last weekend.  It was what my family gave me for Mother's Day.  Ellie had made a big bag for all my goodies.
 I thought it was incredibly cool that Jennifer Johnson Perkins saw this and posted it on Facebook, tagging me in it. What she didn't know is that I'd been seeing 11's all day long and had just shared Jake's story with someone at the retreat.  I explained that the 11's just tend to show up often, and especially on certain events/ holidays.  Since it was mother's Day, and I am quite sure that Jake knows how much I LOVE being a mama, he said "hi" almost every hour on the 11th minute of the hour!!   And then, Jennifer sent this.   Another confirmation.
 Miss Donna had helped Gabbi make this cute card for me, with her hand traced.  Gabs did the unique coloring.  She has always had a flair for the abstract!

 Todd the Bod picked out these loud tennis shoes for me.  I do love a new pair of tennies.  I've never had Under Armours before, so I was eager to give them a test run.  As in "run" at work.  Not literally a RUN! Just sayin'!
 He also got me a few new movies and a mini series that is out.  Pretty good gifts, DaddyO!
Yep.  I had a good day after Mother's Day!  Thanks, family.



kimybeee said...

looks like some good loot for a good mama!!!! you will have to review the shoes for us - i like them. much to the mortification of my children my style is changing as i get older lol lol

Mama J said...

Nice to come home to all that love and goodies. However, we know you come home to that every day. You are blessed!You are a special Mom!

Amy K said...

Awesome 11 clouds. What a special deserve all the celebrating!

Crystal said...

Love the bright neon shoes and the 11s in the sky!

RADstitches said...

And you deserve a great Mother's Day! I always think of you often on that Day ;0). Let me know how u like the shoes cause I'm in the market and love those!

Unknown said...

So glad you had a great Mother's Day with your precious family!! I love those shoes!! How do you like them?