Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ellie's Kindergarten graduation

 Well it has happened... I have two new graduates.  First, there's this tool.  Mary Allison is on her way to LSU in the fall.  It was a bittersweet night for many reasons.  I have a whole bunch of photos to share from that night for sho!
 And my second graduate was Miss Ellie Sue.  And you better know she had a full on cheering section!
 As did many of the kindergarteners.  That's my little graduate's blue hat walking down the middle aisle.  See her?!
 As they filed in one by one and filled the bleachers on the stage, I realized...
 MY KID IS A RUNT!  Look at Ellie in the middle.  I'll continue to say it though... though she be little, she be mighty!!
 In her tiny mind, she is 6 foot tall and has a whole LOT to say!
 Each kid went to the stage individually and accepted their certificate of attendance.
 This is our most awesome champion fabulous wonderful kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Gaskin.  She is retiring this year after 30 years, so we are pretty sad that our Gabs can't have her as her kindergarten teacher!!  In fact, there are THREE kindergarten teachers who are all retiring this year.  And collectively, they have 101 years of experience in kindergarten.  W.O.W.!!
 Each kindergarten class gave a citizenship award and a class favorite award.
 The peers were given the task of voting for these.  One award went to a girl and one to a boy.  Ellie Sue won the Class Favorite award.
 Isabella won the Citizenship Award.
 Mrs.  Gaskin said, "The class favorite is the girl who you would choose to play with every day if you could choose only one person.  It's your favorite friend."

Well, how bout that?!!
 The Class Favorite boy was Anderson.  He was Ellie's first "interest" this school year.
 His mom and I are friends, so I suppose we can handle this situation.
 It has been an overall good situation this school year with a good teacher, good class mom, and good friends made in the class.
 I can see how parents are eternally grateful for their kids' "good" teachers.  we certainly had one this year.  I am sorta spoiled now!
 (I mean, seriously, she only comes up to her budddies' chins!)

 Ellie had a full on cheering squad.  Madi also had kindergarten graduation at another school, so Pops came to ours and Nana went to the other.  But, JinJin...
 she did some persuading and convinced Mrs. gaskin to shift her place in line to last so that JinJin could haul it from Madi's to Ellie's and not miss a thing!  And sure enough... she didn't miss it!
 Here are Anderson and Ellie.
This is gonna be pretty cute some day when they are graduating from high school and we are looking for "throwback" photos!! 
 My TWO graduates!
 And my brand new engineer!  She will start her "big girl" job as a mechanical engineer this summer.
 Which means our run with KK as our sitter has come to an end.  That's pretty sad.  She and Mary Allison have been key players in our lives for the past FIVE years.  And now... we have to start trying out summer sitters!!

It was  a really great day! 

 And now, we will regroup and get ready for the fall.  My big ol first grader!
 DId I mention that our awesome kindergarten teacher made a COMPLETE memory book for every kid in her class with photos from every single activity they did this school year from the first day to the final field trip.  That was a HUGE undertaking, and so very appreciated.
 MA and I realized we were very yin and yang!  Guess who is who!
 That guy over there is another kindergarten daddy who I used to be in a youth group with and attend church camp with every summer since I was about 12 years old.  At least I am not the only "old" kindergarten parent!  I like seeing folks my age also having little ones!!
 One more time, my "little" BIG girl!
 Most people who meet her in person don't realize how small she is... especially if they have read the blog.  They assume she is "big" because that is how she is in spirit.  And to see her leading folks around like the Pied Piper is something else! But, here's the proof... she's a wee one!
 And she is also off to a great start!  I am very proud of my sweet little independent spirited Ellie Sue.  She's an awesome kid!



Kathryn said...

What a wonderful day of memories piled upon memories!

Zhohn said...

Awwww, Ellie! It really seems like y'all just brought her home.

She will go so far in life, she's so much like her mom :)

jenny said...

GO, Ellie-Bellie! And congrats to KK & MA as well. Praying for you to find just the right gal(s) to be your new sitters. God bless.

RADstitches said...

Congrats Ellie!!!!

Mary said...

Congrats Ellie !!!

kimybeee said...

martina mcbride has a song (i can't remember which one) that she lets her daughter sing the opening or closing line. i had to google it - so i copied and pasted. this reminds me of ellie when you talk about her stature lol

I'm little but I'm loud
I'm poor but I'm proud
I'm countrified an I don't care who knows it
I'm like a banty rooster in a big red rooster crowd

it has a couple more lines to it - but the ending didn't sound right so i chopped it off. it is so cute how the little one sings it. i think it was one of the first things that martina ever sang.

looking forward to ma's post about graduation. and kk will still hang around sometimes - you will just miss her till you get a fix lol

kimybeee said...

and to jin jin - i would have totally tried to pull that off too if i had the connections!!!! way to go!!

Crystal said...

Yay Jin Jin! I'm so glad she made it.
Congratulations Ellie!

Lisa said...

Congratulations to Ellie and MA, and KK too! A great day and everyone looks fabulous/terrific photos. And her teacher looks way too young to be teaching 30 years.

Diana said...

Hi Mo~
Congratulations Ellie & Mary Allison!!! Lovely post (as usual).
The love you see between Gabbi & Jin Jin is priceless..just beautiful.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend,
Diana from Colorado

Nena said...

Don't worry Mo - Elizabeth has always been one of the smallest and grew 4 inches this year. In one year on the cheerleading squad, she went from flyer to base!

Amy K said...

A season of celebrations and new life chapters.
Congratulations to Ellie Sue, MA, and KK! And, of course congrats to you & Todd - proud parents.

Unknown said...

Yay for Ellie and Mary Allison!! What an awesome time of celebration for your family!!!

Mr P's Tees said...

Congrats to your "Biggie Small!! ;)

Sharidrew said...

AWESOMESAUCE!! Oh, and no one guessed. I think you were the dark color and MA was the white. (Fingernail polish) And I say that because I think she is tan. Grin....

Congrats to both of your graduates!! And to KK for her big girl job.

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

Congrats Ellie! Bre also graduated on Friday and it was the cutest graduation!!! Okay here is my BRAGPOST...She won OVERALL in Science and Reading and get this...MATH!!! The girl got brains!!! Go Brejanae and Ellie!! Watchout first grade HERE THEY COME!!!!

Kris said...

So cute! Congrats to both graduates!

Kris said...

So cute! Congrats to both graduates!

Unknown said...

Hi Mo - just wondering why Madi goes to a different school. Weren't you guys neighbors? You have probably told this story and I must have missed it. Congrats on your rising 1st grader!!!

Becky said...

I can't believe that the year has come and gone. Congrats to both graduates. Becky