Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach day one... Hey, it's Nurse Terri!

Hey!  Have I mentioned that we are at the beach?!  ha...And that can only mean one thing....
Teenage girls as playmates!  Hmm.  THAT could certainly be taken the wrong way, but... what I mean is Ellie Sue is now officially entertained!!  We ran into some old friends, and they have a 12 year old, so it is well in the world.
Gabs on the other hand, with her little sensory seeking self, was pleased as punch just to be lying in the sand.  And by lying, I mean "wallering".
I was just happy to have my toes in the sand.  And for the record, this was our first official day at the beach (last Thursday).  We have not been on the beach again!  Except for a quick before dinner photo. The girls want to play in the pool.  Period!
I am glad Todd the Bod made it down, cause he, like me, kind of enjoys the beach in the late evening.  Gosh.  Are we getting old?!
It's just so peaceful and not so bloomin' hot when the sun is going down.  And since Todd is here, so are the babysitters.  B.L.I.S.S.!!
Now THEY can dig the 3" of sand out of the crotch of this baby's suit.
And scrub her scalp to get the sand accumulation out of the nooks and crannies.
And run interference when Ellie is running up to every teenage girl she sees asking them where they got their suit.  Or... "Hey look.  Both of our swimsuits have fringe."  She meets no stranger!
This precious little isolated soul on the other hand just needs the breeze, the sand, the water and a shovel.  And her world is complete.
I mean, seriously, can it get any cuter?  Some of you follow me on instagram and saw this already.  For those of you who dont, I am melaniemomom on there.  Just request to follow me and I'll hook a sista up.
Oh, another favorite pasttime of my sensory kid is this....
lining up rocks.  BY THE HUNDREDS!
She eventually went all the way around this planter box.  TWICE!!
Um.  Yes!
oh, and that familiar teen?  Well, that was this lady's daughter.... this lady is NURSE TERRI!!!  One of Jake's favorite nurses at St. Jude.  We run into her periodically on our trips to The Beach Club.
We hung with her for a day or two until JinJin and Staci came down.  And they've since gone home.
Now, we are on group three.  KK and her friends were also here a day or so.  We have a revolving door policy.  If you wanna come bunk, brang it.  Just put your bedding up the next morning!
Cause we got sand to dig in!!

More beach pics forthcoming!



Beth E. said...

The beach is always my favorite place to be...we just don't get to go there very often! I think the ocean washes the cobwebs outta my brain, or something. It's so relaxing and refreshing!I'm glad you're getting a chance to unwind and spend time with family and friends.

I'm with you regarding the beach in the evening. No crowds, no heat, no slathering of sunscreen. It's wonderful!

How great to see Nurse Terri again!

Beth E. said...

P.S. I left the first comment - again - w/i a week...I'm on a roll! :-)

melanie, aka Mo said...

Beth, you're right! You deserve a prize!

Crystal said...

I love the beach and the Beach Club! I'm ready to go back soon!
Looks like y'all are having a blast. Enjoy!

Zhohn said...

Love how different your girls are!

Yay for the sitters, momma and daddy can watch a sunset in peace :)

Unknown said...

I need a beach fix in my life asap!! It is my happy place! ! Looks like y'all are having a great time!

Amy K said...

Your photos of your time at the beach are the best! Such a beautiful place.