Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random iphone pics

Sometimes I just marvel at all the crazy things I find on my phone when I am uploading the pics from my phone to the 'puter.  For instance, does anyone else play Temple Run?!  Well, check out Ellie's score, above!!  It's surreal how good she is at this crazy game!  And then.... I have been on a mission to find the perfect book about parenting... especially the strong willed child!
I copied this Instagram pic onto my phone and hope to get this book too.  I ordered about 10 new books from Amazon today.  I keep a list going on my phone of books I hear about, read about, and just feel like I need to read.  KNOWING that I will NEVER be able to read all the books I am interested in.  Oh well... in time.

I have this old armoire in my cottage. My neighbor, Shea, said she'd help me paint it if I got the stuff together.  This is our inspiration.
Except, I think we are going to do all shades of greens.
And then there was this picture on my phone of my most perfect dog, Lizzie.  I mean, truly, Lizzie is NEVER in a "bad" mood.  She is so even steven!  Sweet, tolerant, and patient.  LOVE her!
I've been working on a line of really funky, bright earrings for a local boutique.  Here are a couple of said earrings.

And then, I have no idea where I got this list... but, I found this on my phone too!
It's a list of make up that you can get from a local pharmacy, full with recommendations of colors.  You're welcome.
Something I think I snapped a pic of off Pinterest, but never got around to it!
More make up recommendations.

And I love that saying from Pinterest.  Do you screenshot things you love from Pinterest?  It's a great way to have it in your photos for when you are looking for it again.
Here's another!
I loved this quote too, on a friend of mine's Facebook page.  Can you read it?!
And I gotta say, I have been seriously studying my John Maxwell information.  I can feel a strong pull to start my speaking and particularly coaching business.  I am getting my "stuff" in order, and KNOW that there will be some sort of incorporation of art into my business as well.  You heard it here first!
I loved this canvas at Hobby Lobby, but also knew that this might be a good way to use the hundreds of alphabets I have leftover from my scrapbooking days.
I really love these little cabinets too!
And another inspiration for my armoire.
Sometimes, I have to admit, I look at a magazine or book, and decide I don't want the whole book, but there may something in it that I love.  I snap a pic.  Is that a copyright infringement law!?  I really don't know.  But, I wanna make something like this.  This I DO know.
Another screen shot of monogram watches I saw on Facebook.  I need to get some of these in purple and gold for my little LSU girlies who are going away in the fall. Cute graduation gift, huh?!
ANd there is the occasional ecard which absolutely cracks me up!!

Believe it or not, I have three times this many random pics I have stored on my phone!  Stay tuned... more to come.  And Crystal, I'll do your talisman meaning this week... I promise!



Crystal said...

Yay! I was hoping you didn't forget about me.
Enjoying the random pictures though.

Amy K said...

Pinned those awesome little cabinets to my wish list board. They're from Hobby Lobby also?

Zhohn said...

I screenshot thing on Pinterest all the time! Easier than going through pins.

Lizzie is such a cute dog!

Riley said...

I love random iPhone picture posts. Goodness knows is a treasure hunt when I upload pictures from my phone. Hey Mo - any chance with you getting all our jewelry stuff in the cottage that you'll have time to fix my old talisman and possibly make another one? I need some more Mo'Joy jewelry in my life!

Beverly said...

Love, love, love your armoire! I'm going to start looking for one to paint. AND I LOVE LITTLE GIRLS IN PURPLE DANCE COSTUMES! They are precious!