Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cousin love

So while we are looking at precious little girl pics, let's not leave out kid number three.  Madi Boo is at my house as much as my own two on the weekends!
These pics were taken on our spring break last week when Madi stayed with us several days during the week.  The girls would just roam our end of the street going from Paula and Johnnye's house to the other neighbors to visit all their kiddos.
They have so much fun together.  There is for sure a certain degree of drama involved with all this estrogen, but for the most part, they adore each other.
Ellie is naturally the one who wants to constantly entertain the masses.
and Madi thinks she is just hysterical.
These two are just two peas in a pod.  They were born only two months apart.  Hard to believe that Staci and I had baby girls so close together, isn't it?! That was serendipitous!
And then we got to throw ol Gabs in the mix.
For the most part, they like to act like they are so much older than little Gabs, but in actuality, Madi is only 11 months older than her.
I really like it when they play with her.  She doesnt' mind being a follower at all. She just wants them to let her play!  I find she is often "it" when they are playing hide and seek, bless her sweet heart.
It's a laugh a minute with this little threesome.
Nighty night, world...



Amy K said...

So many adventures ahead of these three - I can't wait to read all about them!

Zhohn said...

Nothing like cousin love. They're all adorable!