Monday, April 8, 2013

Recital costumes are in!!!

Yep!  They're in!  And my girls are pretty fired up!
Little Miss Gabbi Girl will be participating in her second recital, while the old veteran, Ellie, is on number three.
This is Gabbi Girl's class.  Are these little squirts cute or WHAT?!!?
And it is so good to see her with some friends away from Ellie. Speaking of such... I just saw on our school board's website this week that kindergarten round up is later this month.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!
This tiny little popcorn fart will be a kindergartener this year!!  She either needs a year of preK, or we can plan to repeat kindergarten, or perhaps first grade.... but with her birthday late in August, there will be a repeat somewhere in there.  Any suggestions!?
Gabbi Girl LOVES Miss Linda Lou... and the feeling is MUTUAL!

I haven't been to a single dance class this year!  I have been working my little tail off.  But good ol' JinJin gets Gabs to every one of her classes.  We have a system in place!  She picks Gabbi up from therapy on Wednesdays, takes her to her house to work on letters and sounds for a while, then, dresses her for dancing, takes her, waits on Ellie to arrive (she rides with a friend from school), and helps her get her bun on her head and makes sure she takes off her hoochie shorts and jazz shoes and puts on her ballet shoes and skirt!  Todd goes by and picks Ellie up from dancing, then to get Gabs from JinJin.
This picture was also texted to me from JinJin or Linda Lou.  THey make sure I don't miss anything by sending me lots of pics!

So precious!
And while we are adoring little girls in purple costumes....

I So love this dark purple costume!
This is Ellie Sue's class.
And this is after the class when Miss Gabs is out in the waiting room with Jin.

Ellie's class is a bit bigger.  And they won't be the "little ones" at the recital this year.  That's sad in a way.

Once we got the costumes home, they both had to REtry them on for mama!
I kind of quite like the costume with her hair down and that band around her head!
And ta daaaah.... there's Ellie in her jazz shoes!!  See?!

So here we have it... my perfect purple princesses!
Looking forward to the recital in May!
Happy Tuesday to you all.



Kim said...

LOVE the costumes!! Our recital is in May as well ~ can't wait!! This year I have 3 grandgirlies dancing, and my two nieces....we have 3 shows (too many dances for just one show), and this year I will have dancers in all 3.....LONG day ~ but SO worth it!!!

Beth E. said...

The girls are beautiful in their costumes! I can't believe how fast they are growing. Oh, and that picture of Ellie and Madi...the one under the sentence, "I so love this dark purple costume!"....well, I'm catching a glimpse in that pic of how they will look as teenagers! Look that those eyes...they're gonna keep you and Staci on your toes! LOL

Thanks for sharing your girls with us...I raised boys, so I didn't get to experience all of the ruffles, bows, etc. I love it!

Nena said...

Precious! I will chime in on the school thing. Having waited until 3rd grade to have Elizabeth repeat (not because of intelligence) - strictly a maturity issue with a June birthday, I think the sooner the better. That way there is no used to be in that class.

Kai said...

The girls look precious. I would suggest you have her repeat Kindergarten. That will give her the extra year you want for her to mature, but if you wait until 1st grade she will have spent 2 years with the same class and then they will go on without her. Kindergarten gives more explore time which it looks like your Gabbi Girl may need to prepare her. Also, it will put more space between her and Ellie's classmates now rather than later, in the chance that some of Ellie's classmates behave meanly or tease. I would think it would be easier for her to do it sooner. I know whatever you do both your girlies will flourish!

Amy K said...

I love the costumes as well. I'm sure the recital will be amazing!

Zhohn said...

Absolutely precious!

adrogan said...

Personally, since I am a PreK teacher, I think she neeeds to go to PreK. Everyone thinks we just "play", but we have a curriculum and lots of stuff that is needed in K is learned. Thats just my opinion....
PS Costumes ate presh...LOVE the color!

Unknown said...

Love the purple on those precious girlies!! I say pre-k!

Kathryn said...

I think our Gabster would rock her world in Pre-K. I love the concept of Pre-K, and children flourish. It is the perfect setting for her. Pre-K will give her wings and you can watch her fly!

Lisa said...

Gabs looks so precious, and Ellie and Madi beautiful!!! I believe Pre-K is definitely the way to go - benefit from the extra year of prep without needing to repeat/stay behind when kids she might bond with move on (if you had her repeat K). My August girl second child went to Pre-K and it was a wonderful experience in all ways.

Sharidrew said...

Adorable!! Simply Adorable!! I have a boy so all this girly stuff is foreign to me. I love it! Oh, and on the Gabs discussion....I would suggest PreK for sure!

Hugs from Missouri,

snekcip said...

Too cute! Bre is a "gymnast" at heart and dancing fell by the wayside for us. All we have are the "drab" gymnastics suits! Blahhh!

Maggie said...

While this is a personal decision for every family, and only you know Gabs and what will work for her... and only because you asked for opinions ... I will also chime in and suggest going the Pre-K route.

My sister struggled in Kindergarten (also an Aug baby - and I don't think pre-K was an option at the time). My family moved the following year, and my parents had to decide if they should have her repeat K in our new state, with all new classmates, or go on to 1st grade. For a number of reasons, and what they thought at the time was best for her, they had her go on to 1st grade. She ended up repeating 1st the following year when it was finally clear to all involved she needed that little extra time.
It was a hard decision and at the risk of sounding dramatic, it is still difficult for my sister to talk about without expressing how much carry-over emotionally it had for her. She is in her 30's now, and when it ever comes up, ultimately the conversation is around how she was constantly reminded (through high school) just by the presence of her former classmates that she was not able to "keep up" with them.
Again, I'm not trying to over-state or amplify anything, but I know if my parents had it to do over, they absolutely would have had her repeat K in the new state (essentially treating her first year of K as pre-K) because they could have so easily explained it away, she would not have had the friends in her initial class who "moved on without her," knowing that she used to be in their grade but wasn't anymore (which she says she was keenly aware of.) She would have gotten that extra year she needed without the stress of not moving on with her peers.

You are in a unique situation in that you are aware of the few extra supports Gabs needs, have been providing many of them for her already, and are thinking ahead on how some of this may impact her success in school. Because you have the option of Pre-K this sounds like the best route as it will help Gabs build more of the foundational skills she'll need in Kindergarten, begin some of the friendships she'll have once she gets to K, but there will not be any of the confusion of her friends moving on to first grade while she stays in K.
I guess my thought is... if you are thinking of this now, and its on your radar that she needs a little extra help, then it makes sense to take advantage of the programs already in place for those needs (pre-k). I think this probably sets her up for a smoother transition to K and 1st, without actually planning a repeat year. Then, if she needs to repeat, you address that when it comes.

I'm not sure if that was clear,... I feel a little rambly. Ultimately I'm sure you will know what is best for you your GG and will help her succeed and be a happy and confident student. It is so tricky to express an opinion about someone else's child because all any of us have to offer is directly related to out own personal experiences. And that's exactly what this is, a personal choice.
Good luck!

Mary said...

Lovw the costumes!

I will chime in on the school question. I think do the PreK. Believe you me when I tell you teasing begins very early. My sons friends went from K to "ungraded primary" basically a repeat of K but with a little more. My sons friend was teased about it and felt so badly about himself. It really was sad and my son was sad (but didn't tease) to move up without him. However, that said, you know Gabbi best and should make the decision yourself. I just have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself. ha ha

Riley said...

Love the purple, ruffles, and fluffy skirts!! Those are adorable costumes!

Sandy P said...

I agree with the the earlier the better. Our preschool has a 1/2 day Kindergarten program. There are a lot of kids with summer bdays who do this and then go on to full day K. If that is an option it might work. But, since she has not has not been going to a school pre-k this year, I am sure that would be wonderful for her too.

All my kids are winter/spring so age has not been an issue. But, I know plenty of people who have delayed starting K. I don't know any one who has regretted it.

Julie G. said...

I love the costumes! The girls look so happy with them. As an early childhood educator, I will also weigh in on the school issue. Do you have any good church preschool programs around that do half-day Kindergarten programs? If so, I would take a look at one of those classrooms and think about sending her there for Kindergarten and then the next year send her to the public school Kindergarten. My other recommendation is sending her to Pre-K rather than Kindergarten. I think holding her back on the front end is much easier than doing it later. Just my two cents! :)

Unknown said...

I would send her to pre-k next year instead of kindergarten. I have been a nanny in NJ for over 20 years and the kids who have done pre-k instead of repeating a grade have done much better. They go into kindergarten much more confident.

Nadine said...

Cute little girlies in their purple outfits! Each child is different, but I'm not sure why you feel there has to be a repeat? My daughter's birthday is in September, I started her in K at 4 yrs. Now she's 8 and in 3rd grade and doing some 4th grade work. However, you know her best and if you think she needs a little extra, Prek is the place to start. That way her friends won't move along without her, but still, she'll be older than most students in her class....

Shoemake Kindergarten said...

As a kinder teacher do pre k twice or wait but don't repeat kinder or later.