Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mary Allison's senior prom

Well, Senior prom has come and gone.  And we survived the dress hunt.  The earring design.  The perfect hair do.  A rainstorm and bottom of white dress turning black from dragging.  And... well, everyone got home safe and sound.
I designed these earrings just for my baby girl.
Prom day came and so did the rain.  It was clear enough before the big event to at least take photos outside.
All these girls are so sweet.  And I feel like, through Mary Allison, I have watched them grow up from about the 6th grade, all through junior high and through four years of high school, hanging with my sweet baby sitter, from the age of 12, and growing into beautiful young women.
This is my friend, Cindy, who so graciously offered her home for a bunch of seniors.  She really outdid herself to make the atmosphere so quaint and special.
This is Mary Allison's date, Chris.  They dated for the past year, but currently are not dating.  But they do make a beautiful prom couple.
I so wish her mama were here to see how gorgeous she looked on this special night. I pray that God gives her a glimpse of her daughters succeeding and willing themselves to go on with dignity and self esteem and great love for all those around them.
And I am just privileged to be a small part of her world.
Check out the paparazzi in the front row.  I was on a wall behind them. There were mamas and cameras everywhere.
Mary Allison posed for this picture just so I could send it to her "stepdad", Todd, for the shock factor. And of course, he DID text back his disapproval!  ha.

And so, this was our big crew.
Lots and lotsof preparation and money went into this production!
These are the little wanna bes who will be there having their own prom before we know it.  Emma Lou is there in the front in the black and white polka dot dress.
I think 4-5 of these girls will be going to LSU in the fall.  That's over 3 hours away!  :(
At least she'll be close to her sister, Elaina, who is now living in New Orleans.
And I think it's awesome that her sister drove the 5 hours north just to see here sister headed to prom.  Elaina has done a great job assuming the role of "mama" to make sure to keep the important things important! They have a special bond.  And I am very glad that they have each other.
I'm proud of this little girl.  And the Groves are happy to be her second family.



Kathryn said...

Mallison is a beautiful young lady for sure! Thank you all for sharing your special night.

Amy K said...

This post brings tears to my eyes. MA is such a gorgeous young lady! What a blessing you all are to each other.
The little princesses are beautiful too! :)

Unknown said...

Love hearing about precious Mary Allison. She looked absolutely gorgeous for Prom

Riley said...

Y'all do prom up BIG in Louisiana. Holy Moly!!

Christy said...

Beautiful!! So glad you could be a part of her special day!! I'm sure her momma is looking down and smiling on all of you...MA is a beautiful young lady.. Inside and out! Her "step mom and dad" are pretty awesome too !