Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt at Kindergarten

 My blog has been jacked up all week long.  It's not been smooth sailing to upload pics or comments!!  Maybe that is how God is making me actually take the time off that he is trying to get me to take!  But, tonight, I got it all working....
 So, let me tell you bout the Easter egg hunt at Ellie's school.  Not all that sneaky places to hide the eggs. Just laid those puppies out in the middle of the auditorium all over the floor.
 And they quartered off the area with a big bunch of crepe paper streamers.
 Our room mom did a great job  of making our quarter really cute.
 And then, we let em loose!

 Since I am a working mom, Ellie gets pretty fired up when I get to go to the school to attend a function.  As it is, I don't think I've actually missed a single "function" this entire school year!

 This is Dawson.  He's also a neighborhood kid.  And in ELlie's class;
 And Jansen.  Jansen and Ellie have been friends since they were about 2 years old.
 And Isabella.  This is whose mom gets my kid to dancing every week.  Bless their sweet hearts!!
 Gabbi Girl wasn't about to be left out!  I brought her eggs with her name on them just like I did for Ellie!
 Anderson kind of started out a "favorite boy" at the beginning of the year.  I haven't heard a lot in that department lately.  And I am knocking on wood now!
 Avery is a good friend too.  She goes to our church and is new to our neighborhood.
 This is Kenner.  His mom and I are buds.  They also live in our neighborhood.
 And then there's Naveah.
 And... oh... I can't remember.  But she is one of my favorites!!  Her mom works and can't usually make it, so I always try to take extra time with her.
 Here's a girl corner!
 Each mom was responsible for filling her own kid's eggs.
 Mine got everything from candy to customized stickers with an awesome monogram to a ballerina necklace.

 And here is Miss Shelby.
 The snacks were handled by our awesome room mom, Sarah.
 And here's our sweet teacher, Mrs. Gaskin.  We got this cute tee for her at the same place we got our rabbit tees!  Check out and tell her Mo sent ya
 Oh... and I made her a cute pair of earrings too!  We snuck them into an egg that got mixed into the rest of the eggs and hidden in the floor of the auditorium.
 She was quite surprised.
 And here are a couple of surprises... my girls... on video!

 I can't wait to see them when the Easter bunny comes to the house this weekend.
 It's so fun having little ones!  Happy Easter everyone!



Amy K said...

So, so cute. Love the videos.

Zhohn said...

Adorable, as always.

Lisa said...

So precious! Have a Happy & Blessed Easter!

Crystal said...

Happy Easter