Thursday, March 28, 2013

Makeup cleanout day

Have I mentioned that I am home and OFF WORK this week for spring break!?  Well, I am.
And I am taking the time out to do all kinds of things that have been needing done around this place.  Like, this make up drawer!  YES.  This DID all come out of ONE drawer!   I mean, how many fingernail files does one need?!  I think I had, like, 6 and the same with tweezers.
Don't even start to talk about lipstick.  And do we see a theme on color going here?!
Eyeshadow.  DUDE!  And the ironic thing is that I only wear one of two palettes every day.  Neutral or neutral.  Every blue moon, I'll get all cray cray with a purple or something, but basically, I only need about 5-6 of these!! Actually, I think these are the keepers.  The others were put down below the sink.  And many, many, many were taken to the office for giveaway!
Blush.  That's another thing.  I only wear one color. every day. period. So, I just got rid of the rest.
So, as you can see, I had to do something.  It had gone crazy.
I instagrammed this pic for anyone who might be following me on instagram.
And although he is going to kill me.  (actually, this serves him right because I don't think he reads my blog anymore!)  Todd saw where I'd cleaned out my brush and decided to make a little hair art!!
He was actually imitating Keif from my office, who has quite the brow line!!  ha
I think we're all set on bobby pins!
But I don't know WHAT we'll do if we have to trim fingernails or toenails.  OH wait!  We can use one pair per toe!
So, I am pretty sure that I kept about 1/2 of these.
Is someone in this conversation a little afraid of lip color?!
So, this is what I carted to the office to give away.  Next up... fragrances, lotions, bath stuff!

Have a happy Thursday.  I know I will.  We have the annual Easter egg hunt at MMPT today!  Everyone is invited.  4:00



Mama J said...

My fetishes as, jewelry and shoes. Now that I am retired, I too am cleaning out my cache. Somebody is gonna have a ball! Happy Easter to you, Todd, Ellie, Gabbi and Lizzie.....We serve a Risen Savior, He's in the World today.

Donna said...

As you get a wee bit older, you will find that you will need a pair of those tweezers every where you go. I keep one in my car, one at home, one in our camper, and one in my desk at work. That way there is a pair always handy when you find one of those one inch long facial hairs/whiskers that has just popped up overnight.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ How did you keep Ellie & Gabbi away from all that fun? Didn't Ellie wanted to start her own collection in her bathroom?
Have a wonderful Easter,
Diana from Colorado

snekcip said...

Mo, I seriously think my oldest daughter has you beat by a LONGSHOT!! Hard to believe right??!! Well last week while visiting her in Dallas she was in the middle of "sorting" her makeup and such! O.M.G.!! I'm talking the 10gal rubbermaid containers full EACH of lipstick, eyeshadow, and everything imaginable to a MAKEUP LOVING woman!! I seriously started to think she is a makeup artist on the side!! The obsession doesn't stop there!Noooo, it's another bucket of nailpolish in every shade you could imagine and then it's on to the shoes, and clothes! All very neatly hung and color-coordinated!! I knew about the shoe ( I'm a shoe fanatic too) and clothes obsession but to SEE IN FULL VIEW her makeup collection just left me speechless!

Funny thing is she DOESN'T GET IT FROM HER MOTHER AT ALL!! Give me an eyeliner and my favorite lipgloss... and I'm good!

Kim said...

I spy....Urban Decay!! WhootWhoot ~ LOVE me some UD ~ especially Eye Pencils and Lip Gloss....ok, so eye color too!! ;)

Oh....Todd is going to kill you, but hey....I dare say this is close to one of the first pictures I have actually seen him SMILING in!! lol....

Hope your week off is relaxing and good for your soul! ENJOY!

Sharidrew said...

Well, I haven't owned that amount of make-up in my entire life! Of course, I don't wear eye shadow at all, or lip stick, or mascara.....I have all I need in a 2X2" zipper pouch. LOL. Anyway, I think Todd's unibrow matched his facial hair perfectly. Well, the top part anyway! Fun times! The OCD person in me is glad you are spending time organizing! LOVE IT. Happy Easter break!

Hugs from Missouri,

Kelly P said...

I have been following your blog for a while, I read Jakes caringbridge site. I am currently a Pre-K Special needs teacher and I am considering going back to get my Masters in Speech Pathology at FSU (Florida State University) in Tallahassee. I was wondering if by chance any of your therapist did the program there? If so I would love to get in contact with them! I just have a few questions about the program and would like to talk to a student who has been through it and thought you might be able to give me some help! Thanks! Kelly

Beth E. said...

Way to go! I've been cleaning up, sorting, throwing away, too. I don't use much makeup, though. Scarves, shoes, purses...well, that's a whole 'nother story! ;-)