Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dancing competition Day one.

Here's my tweenager at her first ever dance workshop.  She didn't know a soul, and I think she was the smallest one in the class, but as I like to say, "She may be small in stature, but she is BIG in spirit!".
She just got right on in there.  After all, for all you dance moms out there... she had on transition tights, jazz shoes, and a really awesome one sleeved number making ANYTHING that was asked of her that day, just A-OK!
She really did look like a sweet little dancer.
A bonus for the weekend was that our travelling partner, Renee', was also celebrating her birthday!
So, there was extra celebrating going on in our room!
And the ever prepared Breanna, brought a huge cookie cake for all the dancers.
She also managed balloons...
and a custom party hat.  Did you know that a "golden" birthday is the one where your age is the same as your birthdate?!  For instance, Ellie's bday is July 12th, so her golden birthday will be her 12th.  Hmm!
Lunchtime was controlled chaos. I'll say that Linda Lavender School of Dance has got it going ON!  They were able to easily feed 200 girls without incident!
There were dance bags everywhere.  And Vera Bradley was well represented!
Because Ellie was the youngest dancer representing LLSofD, she got a lot of attention!  And in case you haven't noticed, she kind of thrives on it!

Here's the golden birthday girl, here.
And here's the bossy, "let me show y'all how to do it" girl here!  ha.
More dancing weekend to come later this week.  AND... I go back to Barnes & Noble!  A virtual trip again!



Zhohn said...

Ellie is so cute! Hard to believe how grown she is, time sure has has flown by.

I agree with you, small girl but huge spirit.

Amy K said...

Awww, look how adorable she is! I can only image how fun this was for her.

I remember my own golden birthday vividly. It was awesome. All 3 of my kids' golden birthdays are in the future--the girls' in their 20s (which they very much look forward to) and my son's 13th.

Unknown said...

Love the outfit! She's a kick!

Becky said...

She is tiny but such a "shining star". You are so blessed and so is she. Becky in NC