Monday, March 18, 2013

Shopping trip in Baton Rouge

Back to Baton Rouge... after Natchez, and the night before the big dance competition began!
Ellie put on her ruffly pants, much to my excitement, along with some super cute leopard flats.  WHAT got into her?!!
We'd anticipated getting to Baton Rouge much earlier, but with our detours, we were there 4:00ish.  It worked out great for us though.  We went straight to shopping (I LOVE these shelves that just stick right out of the wall here!!)

So, we did a little browsing at a few of my favorite places!! First up, Urban Outfitters.  I decided I needed these stickers for my OT's to teach the kids digital isolation. "Show me the cow."  "Show me the dog."  Good idea, huh?
And there are a few of you who read my blog who I KNOW need this koozie!!  I thought it was pretty funny!
THese are about 6-8" tall and are for jewelry on your countertop/ vanity.  Sooo cute.
And then, I saw these and just knew that I could make these up myself.
Great way to spread a little encouragement around the office.  I mean, who WOULDN'T want to see one of these show up on your desk?
I also love the way that these books are stacked horizontally.  I tend to always tear pictures out of magazines that have books stacked this way... on the shelves, on the floor, whatever!
I have the geodes that are used in this necklace, so I intend to whip it out sometime in the near future.
And duuuuuude.... LOVE these!
I'm a sucker for office supplies.  But make them CUTE office supplies, like a camera tape dispenser and colorful tape, and I am a totally blubbering fool.

It's funny how I feel fulfilled when I go on these shopping trips and rather than buy everything I want, I just take pictures of them.  Makes me feel kind of like I got to get them without spending the money.
Oh, but don't you even worry... I DID spend the money too!
Have I mentioned that I am currently working to make my cottage my "Soul Space"?  And have I mentioned that I want to buy the book, "Soul Space" after reading about it in this month's edition of Oprah magazine?!

Well, let me just say, any one of these little bedspreads would feed my soul if it were upstairs in my cottage!!  ANY one!
Or this one!  Dang.  This makes me want a barn or big open farmhouse somewhere in the north where it gets cold, and I could look out on a big open plain and go back in to a real cozy nest of a bed! with hot chocolate.  And Lizzie.  And my baby girls playing quietly on the floor beside me on a furry rug.  in bonnets.  haha
Talk about inspiration.
I love everything about this too!  I love the washtub displays and the coke bottle vases.  YUM.
I just might have to buy these tufts for my cottage.  LOVE the colors. Which one do you prefer?!  Paula, next door, just repainted her house.  She went from tan to tan!  ha.  And then she hired a lady to do some awesome tan on tan faux finishes.  I totally know which one of these she would pick!
Ahhhh... a whole wall of monogrammed household decorations, in alphabetical order.  I swoon.
And I want to eat at this table while I am looking out across the plains in my midwestern farmhouse. (By the way, I've never really been to the midwest nor the plains, but it seems like where I'd like to find myself with this stuff!)
And this chandelier.  So artsy and fun.

Especially since there were yarn knotted tassels adorning it from all angles.
And Breana, my travelling companion, has decided to learn calligraphy.  I showed her this poster, because I really liked the typography.  I know, I know, there's a bird.
If you follow me on instagram, you know I bought my first readers.  They're never around when I need them (I don't carry a purse most of the time), so I actually havent' used them much.  But when I need them, I'll have them!
We were shopping at this really cool spot called Perkins Rowe.
The stores are mod and inspiring.  It's an "outdoor mall", I am told.

As for these little girls, they were about ready to hit a more age appropriate area, like Justice.
As for this pregnant sidekick, she was about ready to EAT!
We met up with our bigger crew at On the Border.
Because Renee had her own ipod, Ellie Sue felt the need to be all big girl too, and surf youtube.  hahaha
We hooked up with this other little diva at the restaurant!
We'll be losing her to LSU Baton Rouge in the fall.  About 3 1/2 hours away.  Below is Taylor who is also at LSU this year.
I told Tashia, "Let's both get our baby girls to sit in our laps."!  ha
Ellie Sue felt 10' tall with all these "big girl" dancers!
And best of all, they were a group of all of her favorite people!!
As well as a group of some of MY favorite people too
More on our weekend coming tomorrow.



Becky said...

I just love when you go on a trip because with your pictures and your descriptions I feel like I am right there with you. Thanks. Becky - over in NC

Zhohn said...

Ellie's outfit is adorable (today's is as well). Don't you love Perkins Rowe!? Love everything (well, most!) in Urban Outfitters. Oh, Charming Charlie's is a must when you're there, I love that it's color coordinated.

No tan for me! I'd choose the coral.

Cori said...

Miss Ellie is looking so grown up!! Love her pants!!

Unknown said...

Perkins Rowe is a great spot! Did y'all try Zoe's kitchen? Their food is fantastic!!

Amy K said...

Oh my, I could get lost shopping there! You know me, I'd choose the teal, but the coral is pretty too.
Love when you share your excursions.

snekcip said...

That TAPE DISPENSER!!O.M.G!! Wantttttt!!