Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dance competition Day 2

In a sea of little girls, I see my friend, Kristy, taking a picture of her daughter who received an award as a special dancer for the weekend.
Ellie took classes from nationally known dancers.
and this might just have been her favorite.  The girl is all about some hip hop!!

There's Claire Bear receiving her award... and her dance mom, below, not missing a single photo op.
I have to brag on this one... the instructor was asking the girsl to put their feet in all the different positions.... for instance, fourth position with left foot front.  Or second position.
At one point, he said, "Does anyone know what sixth position looks like?
There aren't actually a lot of dancers (especially young ones) who even KNOW that there IS a sixth position.  Ellie immediately placed both feet together, facing directly forward, arms in front of her....
Noone else knew this.  The teacher said, "And who are you"?"  She said, "Ellie".  He said, "well, very good Miss Ellie!"  I as one proud mama!!  Way to go, Miss Linda Lou for teaching your student so well!
See what I mean by the littlest one!??
And right about here, when I was about to hold up my "Hey, that's MY daughter!" sign, it hit me... I am a DANCE MOM!!
This dude DEFINITELY needs to be on So You Think You Can Dance!!

Here, the teacher was teaching the girls to use their jackets and tees shirts as their magic carpets since they were dancing to Aladin.

Can you spot my dancer?!
Look at that girl's foot position!  So proud.  DANCE MOM move!

She was totally in her element!  LOVED every minute of learning the new dances and dancing alongside the big kids.
And she thought it was so, so cool that she got to room with a big girl!  Renee and Ellie did some shopping at all the vendors who had the cute dance clothes at the competition.
Breanna, worth mentioning that she is pregnant with her FIFTH child (she's 30!!), wanted a photo with her hero, Miss Linda.  Bre danced with the company for many years.  And Miss Linda taught Breanna as well as me since we were wee ones.  I started with Miss Linda when I was 3 years old!
Can you spy Ellie?

And off she goes, on to the next class.  And she fit right in with her gigantic Vera dance bag... JUST like the other girls.  She had me pack one for her.
She also was very observant that the big girls were wearing transition tights, which meant they could be tucked under her feet for ballet, and then rolled up to her lower shin for jazz.  She only had one pair, so Miss Breanna cut her plain tights to make them just right!

These are the senior company dancers who Ellie and all the little dancers so look up to and admire.

Look who else we ran into down there.  You remember Nicole from next door at our old house?  Mary Allison's mom's sister.  Sarah's mama.  And good friend to Mel!
We decided on night number two that we could have more fun just hanging out in our room, ordering up to the room, and letting the girls get all settled down early.
Bre and I went to Hobby Lobby, and of all things... bought scrapbooking materials to commemorate the weekend with a little mini scrapbook.  We knew that if any of the other mamas found out what we were doing, they'd make total fun of us.  But... it's simply in our DNA!
And I meant to also tell you how absolutely adorable she looked in all those sweet dance clothes and just a touch of lip gloss.
This is my final dancing blog post, so I must say again that we had a really great time at my baby's first dance competition.  We had some sweet quality time.

I hooked up with some awesome friends.
ANd Miss Sassy Pants had a really special weekend that I doubt she will ever forget!!
Nor will I!



breanna said...

Ahhhhh!!! We had SO much fun!! As must finish those mini books ASAP! :)

Mama J said...

Wow...what a memory made...! Ellie is truly in her element in expressing herself in whatever she does. It is as important as breathing to her. Impressive at her young age. Loving your posts of your trip. What a Dance Mom!!!

Amy K said...

The generations that your dance company spans is amazing. Such great memories and experiences! Ellie looks like a natural.

Becky said...

So glad you had such an awesome time. I am so surprised you had to go out and get the supplies for your mini books as you always travel so well prepared. thanks for sharing danace with us. Becky

Zhohn said...

Adorable! Of course we remember Nicole and Sarah!

I thought I read in a previous post that Breanna was pregnant, she must have a lot of patience :) I admire parents that have a lot of children, that's hard work!

Julie G. said...

Saw this and thought it sounded just like something you would enjoy. I had to share the link in case you had not seen it yet. Glad you and Ellie had such a special time together.

Christy said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous time!! So glad you were able to have a special one on one quality time weekend with your big girl! She looked right in her element!