Sunday, February 3, 2013

The parade at Magic Kingdom and a fireworks show

I gotta tell ya... I just LOVE the whole philosophy of Disney.  As a business owner who really believes in the culture of a business's atmosphere, Walt Disney nailed it!  ANd he passed his philosophy onto his successors as well. 
I think that is a really cool legacy!!  If my girls heard, "Hello, Princess" once, they heard it 100 times on this trip!
So, this is the gang at the Magic Kingdom parade and fireworks show.
We usually don't make it that late, and quite frankly barely did on this occasion too.
In fact, just before the fireworks started, I suggested we head onto the boat which brought us over from the parking lot to the park.  But first... the electric parade!
This little girl was BARELY hanging on.  She is a napper for sho!  And when you are at Disney World all day, well... it's hard to encourage a nap!
And so, we tried to make it to fireworks time, but we were getting a little bit cranky!
I love these pictures of Gabbi and her daddy!  She is a BIG TIME mama's girl!!  Think about this blog and the pics of Gabs.  She is rarely with her daddy.  She is very, very strongly attached to me!  SO, when she lets her daddy let him help me, it is like I can hear the angels sing!
And I LOVE this sweet picture!
Look at this little girl's wonder in her eyes.... she loved the electric parade!
This was a WALL to WALL sea of people from the castle to the front of the park. But, we diligently stayed on course and made it to the entrance.
They sure do know how to make you feel that you really, really need some awesome balloons.
But we stayed strong, and we resisted.  Go, Groves!
Not sure where Ellie was in all of this, but apparently it was a Gabbi Girl day in front of the camera.
Oh wait, there's little Miss Pocahantes... in the foreground.
Gabbi was pretty fired up that our nametag on the back of the stroller featured Merida.  She is a new favorite princess in the Groves house. 
I saw this mama holding this, like, maybe 9 or 10 year old, and I told Todd that this will be me and Gabbi Lou!  She wants me to hold her about 90% of her waking hours. 

And finally, we gave up... we headed to the boat.  We made it just in time to skip the huge crowds.  It was a really, really good idea!!  LOVE to miss a crazy crowd AND get a most awesome seat for the fireworks show.

And didn't I mention that DeeDee went along with us on this particular day.  We were glad to have her.  Tomorrow, I'll show you a new section at Magic Kingdom... Adventureland.  We didn't see a lot of it, but we made a quick trip in.

Made good memories on this day!  They will only be little for a short while.  So, we'll hold them.  Travel with them.  Love on them.  And cherish this time.



Sharidrew said...

no! Well, I wish I could get my hubby to like the idea of a disney trip. He doesn't think it's necessary! I disagree!! I guess me and my boy will be making a trip alone someday! Haha...Thanks for sharing!!

Hugs from Missouri,

Amy K said...

Such special memories. I'm so happy for you all, to be able to get away after your bout with the flu and have this family time together!

Rhonda said...

I must agree with you on the Disney philosphy!! The happiest place on earth is absolutely AMAZING! Perfect customer service, immaculate parks, incredible organization with the number of people that are there! I wanted to go on our trip, but certainly not a life long dream or on my bucket list, but we went for Savannah's sake and were all three simply AMAZED and in AWE ~ even my hubby, who was less than thrilled with the thousands of dollars this trip was costing us! His words when we left were, "That was well worth every dime we spent"! Ya'll are very fortunate that you have grandparents there to stay with ~ and an excuse to go every year!! It was a pretty high dollar week with the whole air/hotel/tickets thing, but like I said, WORTH IT!!!

We went the week after Christmas ~ oh my!!! ~ it was INCREDIBLE with the Christmas decor and lights!!! I loved the electric parade and fireworks, too ~ so glad ya'll stayed for it! I can't wait to see the upcoming posts and live vicarously through your trip!! :)

Beth E. said...

Amen! I totally agree with your last paragraph. They grow up sooo fast. Seems like my boys were that little only yesterday...*sigh*. :)

I'm glad you got to take your trip to Disney!

Beth E. said...
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Kala said...

I only went once before I had children. I'm very blessed in that we've been able to take our children many times. They love it as much as we do. Nothing like seeing the magic through their eyes for the first time! Such sweet memories. Thanks for sharing your photos. Can't wait until we go back in the fall!

Casey said...

Disney posts are my FAVE! We were just there in November (again!) but I'mn ready to go back tomorrow! Glad y'all had fun!