Saturday, February 2, 2013

The flu bug bit Gabbi Girl

I'm getting all my Disney pics in order and uploaded to blogger.  For any of you bloggers out there, YOU KNOW what a chore this is!! And so, in the meanwhile, I am going to show you some pretty pitiful pics of my baby girl the day before we were intending to go to Disney World.
My babies who are hardly EVER sick, came down with the flu!  Gabs first!
So, off to the doc we went, thinking perhaps, just MAYBE, she'd be ready to go the next day. 
And ya know what?  She WAS!!  She perked up in nothing flat!!  I don't even know if her flu symptoms lasted a full 24 hours.  She was in my lap sick on Wednesday night, and in four hours, her fever was up to 102.9.  We were in the docs on Thursday, on Tamiflu, and she was feeling much better.  We had hope!
Flash forward to Friday morning.  As in 4:30 am Friday morning... and THIS kid was now at about 103.9 degrees.
Our alarms were set for 6am, cause we were heading to our 11am flight out of Jackson, MS.
We called the airline, and in true Southwest style, they said, "We totally understand" and offered us a full refund.  Of course, I doubt very seriously they wanted all the passengers infected with the flu bug!
And so, we all laid low.... REALLLLLLY low all weekend.
That is really hard for me!  We just sat around and cuddled, and from time to time, we'd go to the art room.  Ellie found her stash of memories I am keeping from her kindergarten year.  This was her pilgrim bonnet from Thanksgiving.  This picture cracks me up.  Like "SYBIL".

By Friday, Gabbi was about 90%.  She was ready and raring to go!
It actually hit me a little bit on Saturday.  I was in the art room, but would find myself just sitting and staring at the stuff on my table.  I just couldn't really get motivated.  That's a rarity for me. 
We were packed and ready and just waiting to see when that Tamiflu would kick in for all of us.  AND IT DID!!
By Monday, it was clear that we were going to be able to make the trip!  Todd rebooked for Tuesday morning.  ANd for only $100 more (PER PERSON!!!!  $400!), we had seats to go to the happiest place on earth.
Taking her subligual homeopathic "extra" shot.
The morning we were headed to the doc's office.... she felt BAD!

Not many smiles from this little angel.  Thankfully... we were all good to go and feeling fine by the time we took off on Tuesday.  Expect lots of Disney and DeeDee and Granddad pics tomorrow and all week long. 
Hope your weekend is a good one.  It's MARDI GRAS in West Monroe, so we'll be having a big fat party!! 


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so is it just me or have you blogged twice and then they are gone???? once in the airport - and gymnastics???

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