Monday, February 4, 2013

Day one and right into Magic Kindgom!

Day Two:  YES, Ellie.  You CAN wear your Pocahantes dress... again!

OH... AND your gold sequin Mickey Mouse ears with the turquoise accents and peacock feather!  WHAT 5 year old chooses THAT one?!
Todd and I were excited because today was the day we would have DeeDee along for the trip!
Gabbi Girl, in case I havent' mentioned it, would just as soon climb back into the womb from which she never actually came, if she had the choice. 
I mean, REALLY!!  She wants to hang on me at all times....  on my back, on my front, sitting in my lap... whatever... Just wants to be close to her MAMA!!
I love that I have a highly affectionate kid, but really in truly, if you have one, you KNOW it can get taxing at times.  I wouldn't trade it though!
YEP!  This went on for quite some time.  Can you tell?
I posted this cute photo on Instagram!  I need to print this one, I think!
These two look like they are praying.  Or sleeping?  DeeDee is gonna kill me for this one.  But seriously, they BOTH have their eyes closed.  Maybe they're praying for safety on the tram on the way into the park.
Look at Glamour Pocahantes!!
And Ellie is back to her obsessive gel sanitizer self!
Once at Magic Kingdom, Daddy had to run get a stroller.  The girls and I waited for him right here at the train depot.  And look in the background.... there's the castle!  The same castle we have SCREAMED at every single time we watch a Disney movie for the past year.... "HEY MOM.... THERE'S the CASTLE!!!"  at teh opening of every DVD! ha
Riding on the train all over the park!  We had to spend an hour or so before the girls went to the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.  It was a kids only party, so mamas and daddies had to sit and drink a fancy drink!  dangit!
We did the whole trip differently this year. We left the house late, went to the park leisurely in the afternoon, and tried to keep the girls engaged and awake until time for parades and fireworks.  It was different, but I probably won't do it that way again.  We didnt' get to see everything that way!
For instance, this is the new Adventureland.  It is a whole new branch of Magic Kingdom.  And we hardly even dipped our toe into it.

If you are a Beauty and the Beast fan, as the Groves kids are, you will recognized Gaston!
As we were sitting outside this new exhibit, LOOK who walked right by!
He stopped to talk to Gabs for a minute, and then we all went in to check out the new place.
Gabbi Girl was pretty freaked out by this hairy chair!
This was kind of a highlight!!  We LOVE Beauty and the Beast, so were fired up to be visited by Gaston, himself!

And only my wee one would pose for me after the Tea Party with Alice and the Mad Hatter.
(out of order... dont' know how to fix it!)

She is just so precious.  Are you on Gabbi photo overload today?!  Sorry... here comes Ellie!
Nope not yet.

HEEEEERE she is.  She brought us the flowers from the tea party. 
And wanted to wear this costume every single day.  No lie!

Ok, so that about does it for Magic Kingdom... at least for the earlier part of the day. 



Unknown said...

Love the pics!!! They look like they had tons of fun!

Hallie said...

I have a kitty that feels the same way about me as Gabbi feels about you. He follows my every footstep when I get home justbwaiting for me to sit down o he can get on my lap. If I won't let him he will lay as close to me as he can and reach over and put a paw on me. If I get up in the middle of the night to pee he follows me to the bathroom. Right now he is laying on both of my feet. I know howmypu feel to be so loved lol.

Zhohn said...

So adorable! Gabbi so growing so much!

Love that Pochahontas you have :)

Kaia said...

Such a sweet set of pictures of you and Gabbi Lou!

Anonymous said...

I so totally understand how you feel! I have one that would crawl into the womb he didn't come out of either. I too wouldn't change it for anything. Although taxing, very rewarding! Love getting to see all of the pics. Family time is so valuable and you have lots of pics to go through once the girls have grown up!

Shannon said...

Totally love your hat! Where's it from?

snekcip said...

I think DeeDee and Ellie DOZED OFF for a quick catnap!! HILARIOUS!!!

Oh, I have a HUMAN VELCRO here as well. It's NOT Bre but my 3yr old grandson!! When he visits he is stuck to me like GLUE. He will go off and play but he will do what I call a "YAYA SOUNDOFF". It starts off with a "yaya?..yaya? and gradually gets LOUDER!! Then it's YAYA!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!! Love that little boy to pieces though!!

PS Bre calls sanitzer..hanatizer *as in HAND* .Well I guess she is correct in a way!

Happy Tuesday Mo! Enjoying the Disney pics!!

Lisa said...

Precious pictures and memories! Can't wait for the rest.

Becky said...

And I see Ellie has a ring on her ring finger, did she go and get married on us? We know how grown-up she is! HA! Looks like fun!