Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All of Legoland and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Well, hellloooo there, world!  It's Mo.  And I am in Tucson at the annual bead and gem show... it's like Heaven on Earth!
But while I'm here (with Jessi, by the way), I'll continue posting our trip to Disney. 
Here we are riding the tram on Day two  Ellie insisted on these fabulous earrings, and of all the hats she could've chosen, she picked these glamorous ones.
So, we headed to Downtown Disney. This is a free area, and one we need to take more advantage of next trip! 
They have LegoLand... and I was pretty amazed at these sculptures made entirely by Legos.
This too!!
I mean, HOW MANY HOURS did it take someone to make this sucker?!

Todd was pretty amazed too, whether he said so or not.  It is a major Sir Lacelot or some other knight outside the store.
OK, so the reason we went to Downtown Disney was exclusively for this...
Bippidy Boppidy Boutique!!   The one we usually go to is at Magic Kingdom.  We decided we'd try this one this year.
Of course, first comes the shopping.... and I KNEW that no matter what the girls each said they wanted to be, by the time we got to the store, they'd both change their minds... and.... THEY DID!
Each section has the princess costumes and all the extras, toys, dolls, whatnot to go along with that princess.
 Gabs decided to go as Ariel (despite her initial gut to be Belle)... and...
Ellie just wanted to pose and look at herself!  ha.

Seeeeee??!!  Lord help us!
ANd then came time for the big treatment.
Once again, Todd found himself in a sea of estrogen!
Ellie decided to go with Pocahantas.  She liked it so much she wore this costume the next day too!
Gabbi looked at the hair menu to decide which package she'd be wanting.

And Ellie's got underway too.
Gabs got the full monty.  Here she is getting the gel slop treatment.

My girls really both love this whole experience so much! 

Ellie letting her nails dry!

the make up....
Double teaming for face and hair!
Disney just really doesn't play when it comes to attention to detail!

One princess is complete...

the other is still under way.
a few professional photos and we were out the door.
One Pocahantas and one Ariel.
One who LOVED their whole look....
And one who started stripping it down piece by piece within about 30 minutes from leaving.

Gabs would've worn this every day all week long.
My pretty princess.
Ellie was back in jeans and a sweater by the time we hit the exit.

To each his own!
I guess in the long run, it all boils down to the good memories made with family.
I love my girlies.

and it was a GOOD day!



Becky said...

the girls have really changed over the years that you have had them do the "dress up" botique If Ellie no longer wants to do it - why not let her stop or do you think in just the moment - she wants to do it and then not. You are so right about Gabbi - she is such a princess - the only thing that would have completed it more was her dog on a leash by her side. Love you Mo! Becky in NC

Theresa Shirley said...

Oh my goodness--so precious!! The look on Gabbi's face the whole time she was in the chair is just priceless. Just SO happy!! I know they are little, but they will probably remember this the rest of their lives. I love the way ya'll are making traditions in your family. Ellie posing in the mirror is hilarious! That girl is a trip--and I'm afraid you ain't seen nothin' yet!! Lol

jmckemie said...

Been a couple of times with the boy but going next year with the girl - who lives and breathes princess. If you had to pick only one, which would you pick - the breakfast with the princesses or the boutique?

Nana said...

Did you like the BBB in Disney Village as well? Karlie has been to the one in Disney World a couple of times. Just curious? The boys love Legoland.. And I think Ryan does too!
They are fortunate like your girls..grandparents live in the Keys, so they make DW a stop every year on their way down. the girls are beautiful. I love to see them as they are growing older and changing. They are truly blessed and a blessing also. Enjoy the gem show!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Ok... Becky, of course I wouldn't make Ellie do the BBB if she didn't want to. She WANTED to!! But just wanted to take it off very soon thereafter. Jmck, I think I'd go with BBB instead of breakfast, although I think both are awesome. It's just over the top with the glitz and glamour of the BBB. And, I kind of liked Magic Kingdom's BBB a little more than the Downtown Disney's, but not tons more, Nana.

Wendy C said...

I was at Disney back in November. Downtown Disney was literally right across the street from my hotel, so I spent most of my spare time there. I wish adults could go in to the Bippidy Bobbidy Boutique too...looks like so much fun!

AiringMyLaundry said...


We'll be going to Disney in June and my daughter is doing the biggest BBB package. She can't wait to pick out her stuff. But yes, I will be carrying regular clothes with me because she complains that princess dresses "get itchy."