Thursday, February 7, 2013

Magic Kingdom and day with Grandma

I know I've already shown the pics of our day at Magic Kingdom with DeeDee, but didn't I also mention that I am in Tucson, and dude... there are beads to be bought!  ha.

If you aren't following  me on Instagram,  you might wanna!  It's melaniemomom.  I am posting pics of pretties along the way.  Some as I see them in Tucson, and some as I make them back in my hotel room!
So, in the meanwhile, why don't I just let you look at a few more pictures of our "magical" day, without a whole lot of commentary from good ol' mom!?
(had to here.... we were FRONT ROW, next to the tram.  Anyone who's been to Disney World knows how AWESOME this is!  We must've been living right!!)

Ellie's day two costume.... going as Pocahantas TWICE... only when you're five years old can you get away with that!!
Yep.  Front spot.  See?  And there's Todd with his beloved minivan.  Every year, he swears we are gonna come back and buy one.  He's a tad obsessed.
Ellie's insane de-germinizing!
Look who can now write her name!  Gooo, Girl.

I have such a cute husband.  Just sayin'!
We tried something new this year... it was called Alice's Tea Party.  It's a craft party with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter.  No parents allowed.  This is outside the ballroom, as they waited for all the girls to arrive.  We had a drink by the pool while we waited.  It was at the Grand Floridian.

Where people were swimming!
Niiiice rest period for the el parentos.
There they are!!  Not sure I'd pay this expense again for the craft they got.  Ellie didn't enjoy it too much.  She thought she was the oldest one there.  Despite a 9 or so year old being there.  ha!

She was QUITE proud, however, to deliver the flowers to me and DeeDee.

A Gabbi photo shoot.

and this year, we took the boat quite a bit.  It takes you from park to park or parking lot to park, which we found to be more interesting than just tooling around in the car.  Definitely something we will do again!

Ellie ditched the boots to show DeeDee some of her gymnastics prowess!
I love this pic of Gabbi Girl... all ragamuffin and such.
One of the few character photo ops we took as a family.

And this one can write EVERYONE's names!  And read!!  WHEN did that happen?!

We see the crane every year when we are at Disney, because they are always busy taking down all the Christmas lights.  Kinda jacks with our castle photo op, though.
I suppose we'll live.

Happy Thursday to you!  What do you think the best way to have a little jewelry sale might be?!  I am making so much new fun and colorful stuff... and Jessi has talked me into learning more about metals and riveting while I am here, so I'll be experimenting with that too.  Is anyone interested in some new spring jewelry!?  Holla and give me some fun ideas to get it out there.


snekcip said...

Saw all your jewelry on Instagram! Very Pretty!!

Shannon said...

Love coral! I was 'so last summer's color' Ha!

kimybeee said...

go back to your etsy shop. i would think that would be easiest. and don't take custom orders - just make what your heart desires and put it on the sale site.

kinda wishing i had instagram - but i will not join anything else that time sucks me to the internet lol lol

Beverly said...

You had some very interesting stuff pinned on pinterest. I'd buy some. I have instagram but, alas, I do not know how to use it. I'm guessing Etsy would be the best way. I like long necklaces and bracelets or maybe I should say bracelets and long necklaces.

kendra said...

Mel - etsy again??? I bought some earrings when you did that and I love them.