Friday, February 8, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Photos are a bit out of order, but hey.  I try!  And may I give props to Hannah, from my office, who uploaded all these pictures for me, so I could work my buns off before I left again for Tucson.  That way, when I arrived in Tucson, I could just add words to the previously uploaded pics.  It's hard work having a blog.  ha
So, here we are coming into the gates of Animal Kingdom on day one.  Funny, because as we were heading into Orlando on the plane and had no intent whatsoever to go to Animal Kingdom.  We're spontaneous like that!

I had one excited crew!

Andddd.... THIS is why I have a blog!  I want to preserve all of these memories for my girlies.
To remember all the places we went, all the love we shared, and all the adventures life had to share with us.

And right here, we went broke!

Anyone who has ever been to Disney in Orlando knows that there is a plane that flies daily that blows inspirational messages into the sky.  I love that!  Oh, and that used to say, "Jesus loves u".

Animal Kingdom really is just a whole lot of looking around.  It's an easy stroll.  Not many rides, per se, but things to look at around every corner.
Like this man... who had full body tatts and as I got closer, because I was extremely curious, every tat on his face, head, hands, were of DISNEY CHARACTERS!!!
I'd call that dedication!

You GOT IT!!

I am as inspired by crazy decorations at Disney as I am by the animals.  I want to hang swags of awesome fabric somewhere at home.  Maybe my cottage?!  I started fixing up my cottage last weekend on the two days I had available before packing again to head out.  I'm fired up about it!  I am going to use it exclusively as a jewelry space, I think.  And of course, to give little classes in.  Gonna be awesome!
You know the Groves love us a TIGER!!  (LSU!)

We were very low key on this trip.  No hurry.  No reason to get up early.  Just took our time and saw what we could see.

Love to see my girls' wonderment.
And all this foilage makes me wanna get my garden going!

Sharing a fruit tray.

and this mama was ready to get back home.  It'd been a long day of travel and Disney world.

and this right here is why it was all worth it!


Sharidrew said...

I'm such a stalker! First to comment again! I guess it's because I love seeing your girlies and your adventures! I'm so boring, I must enjoy your exciting life! Haha. Happy Friday! I think your cottage idea rocks! You need a seperate place for just jewelry making!

Hugs from Missouri,

Zhohn said...

So adorable! Cute family enjoying Disney :)

jenny said...

Fun times! Hey, Mo, here's something my fun and crazy and eclectic sister did with some cool fabric. She got a big (like 2-foot tall) ole squatty urn-style granite-looking pot. Then she took some gnarly 6 or 7 foot tree limbs and wrapped them in strips of colorful, multi-textural fabrics. I think she just knotted the fabric strips when she'd get to the end and then start another strip. She then poked the fabric-covered tree limbs into the pot like a big bouquet of sticks. It was so different and happy looking. I'll bet you could do something like that as well. Happy Friday!

melanie, aka Mo said...

LOVE that idea, Jenny! I need to meet that girl!!

Amy K said...