Monday, February 11, 2013

Small World and princesses AND a beach art retreat!!.

Sorry about the lapse from the blog.  Any time I go out of town, my "real life" gets a little bogged down!!  And so, now that I have day one under my belt, things are a wee bit calmer.  Well, actually, I have to give a public inservice tomorrow night on pelvic floor therapy. Then, on Wednesday, we are going to see Kid Rock in concert.  Thursday morning is our leadership meeting which I am responsible for.  We have Valentine boxes, Valentines, candy and "stuffers" ready for each of the girls' classses. I'm helping Paula with a V Day project for Clayton, her son.  And then, there are gifts for all the girls' teachers, prinicipals,
It's a crazy busy week!  I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.  I am sure you are all facing all the craziness as well.  With that... let's get back to this blogging thing! And boy do I have a lot to tell you about our Tucson trip!  WHOA!!  But first....

This was a dude at Disney World.  I liked his shirt.
I also like the "It's a Small World" ride.  I LOVE the colors and patterns, and visual excitement.  A buffet for my eyes!!
The girls pretty much couldn't wait for the princess breakfast.
We like to go see them at Norway in Epcot.  ANd this time we did lunch instead of breakfast.
I think this is well worth the money.  Look at my little Gabbi Girl.
As you may or may not know, Epcot is all about all the countries of the world.  Gabbi Girl just HAD to have one of these silky Chinese outfits, and I couldn't really resist it.
She and Ellie Sue both got the silky embroidered shoes.
Can you tell they are both mesmerized by Cinderella?!
AND Ariel?!
Isn't this sweet?!  She talked in a high pitch voice, just like Ariel.  Actually, each of the princesses stayed totally in character, pretty much ignoring the parents and putting all attention on the babies!
They sign autographs, talk like a sweet little princess, and focus on the children.
JUST like it should be!

And as I mentioned LAST year, Jasmine remains Ellie's chosen one.  Because she shows a lot of skin and bares her middrift.  I'd be lying if I said it was any other reason but that!
I'm gonna tell ya, that kid CRACKS me up.  She is so totally fashion conscious!
Ellie showed Jasmine her little Polly Pockey sized Jasmine that she got when she got the whole package of princesses and showed them to the "real" princesses as we met them.
Jasmine seemed to like it too.
And so.... if I can get all the Tucson pics uploaded, tomorrow, I'll be sharing pics from the bead show.  And guess what.... I don't think I have a single trip planned until May!!  That's when I am planning my next art retreat.

  I found the coolest jewelry pieces to use as  beach-themed projects.  All of the projects will be  jewelry, except a small mini scrapbook on the final day to compile all of the memories of our weekend on Monday, Memorial Day.  The retreat is scheduled for Thursday afternoon through Monday, and it will be held at my condo in Fort Morgan, AL at The Beach Club.  I have two confirmed participants.  I have a threesome who have not quite confirmed.  I have openings for three more.  I can only take five.  I'll be providing the breakfasts and lunches, but we will be going out as a group every night where everyone will be buying their own dinner.  I know all the fun places, so get ready for some unbelievable seafood!! If you are interested, email me for further details. (  I'll try to post all the cool projects as soon as I can get a sample made.    Kim and Kaye... you are IN!!  It's gonna ROCK!  And because you two are the first two, you can have dibs on the individual twin beds.  So, everybody else needs to know that we will be sharing.... a king bed and a couch pull out.  But, hey.... it's the beach.  And I have some of our projects that we can do ON the beach or around the pool!!  Hollllllaaa!!



Mbeaty19 said...

So happy to see a new blog up. Love seeing your girls with the princesses. You can tell they are truly memorized by them. It's so great that the princesses truly play the parts to. To often I see characters that just can't be the character. I have a few friends that work at Disney as characters so I know there is a lot of dedication they put into it.
Sounds like your beach retreat will be lots of fun. I think the creating by the pool and on the beach makes it seem extra special. Looking forward to seeing the posts from those days. Still looking for that perfect retreat for me. Thinking I might have misses it though with your John Maxwell inspired one.
Thanks for sharing and look forward to hearing about Tucson!

Kim said...

WhootWhoot ~ can't wait for retreat!!

LOVE seeing all the Magic of Disney thru the eyes of The Groves Family! What wonderful memories made!

Rhonda said...

I love, love, love the Disney princesses! I totally agree ~ it is EXACTLY as it should be with the princesses to make every little girl feel special! It really DOES feel like you are talking to the REAL princess herself!! I was as excited as Savannah!! :)

Oh MAN, I wish I could come to that art retreat! That sounds WONDERFUL!!! Of course, that is the weekend of Dance Recital! It's either dance competition or dance recital all spring ~ and **I** don't even dance!!!! :)

I'm lovin' your Disney pictures!

jenny said...

Mo, I saw "It's a Small World" at the World's Fair in NYC when I was 5, (I'm 53 now) and I STILL have vivid memories of it. We bought the 45 record of it and about wore it out when we got home. SO glad your girlies got to see that. They are blessed!