Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Mardi Gras, y'all!

 In honor of Fat Tuesday, what ELSE could I post today!?  Let's celebrate Mardi Gras tonight!
 We got our little selves dressed and awaaaaay we went.  To the Monroe Mardi Gras parade, last weekend.
 My two little hotsy totsies were ready to catch some beads!

 Our good friend, Richard, has a restaurant in Monroe, and he saved us a prime parking space.  Not only that, but he delivered my drinks to me curbside!!  I DID say our "GOOD" friend, didn't I?!
 And then, lo and behold, look who walked up to us on the street!!
 We were all set for the big procession.
 And we had our KK here to enjoy it with us!

\ The crowds started gathering, and we could see the policemen who were clearing out the crowd to get the floats through safely.
 KK's little brother, Zack, was with us as well. The girls seemed as enthralled with him as they are with his sister.

 Some of our "floats" aren't so "floaty".
 But my Gabbi Girl loved them all, nonetheless!
 As long as they are tossing THESE!!

 I caught this Bevo, the mascot for Univ of Texas, and thought of my friends, the Pierces from our St. Jude days.  I immediately took a pic and texted it to them.

 Hey y'all!!
 See that young man in the light blue shirt?!  That's John Wesley.  He is KK's new beau.  He also works in the PT department with me at MMPT.  He just graduated in August, and he fits like a glove with us!
 Do you notice her pile of beads is growing?!
 me and J-Dub.
 WHAT?!!  Looky, looky who else showed up.... It's Jessi!!
 And Gabbi is now in danger of choking, so we had to start removing a few strands!

 If you've never experienced Mardi Gras, I'd highly recommend you put in on your bucket list!
 Even in our little bitty town, it was pretty fun and most fabulous.  It's nothing compared to New Orleans though!
 Most of the cities in Louisiana have one... Shreveport, Lafayette, hmmm... I assume Baton Rouge.  But for SHO, New Orleans does it RIGHT!!

 And you hear it's all sinful and immoral and horrible, but it can be pretty family friendly!  There are a lot of kids involved!
 I've been to the one in New Orleans, and I have decided it's something that my kids MUST experience!!  Maybe next year.  I think going to NO would be a cool tradition.  I know a few people who take their kids every year.  This is making me want to be one of those people!
 Here are Jessi and Jeff.  They were sans kid this night!
 And I think maybe Todd thought he was too! ha

 My babies thought this was absolutely GREAT!!

 They loved all the activity, and were surrounded by their favorite people.  BONUS!
 Would ya look at THAT stash?!

 Mardi Gras is just really letting it all hang out and having fun!
 All ages enjoy it.

And when the party ended up at our house... the kids let us know they'd had a really great night!
Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!!!
I'm proud to be from Louisiana!!


Dawn A. said...

We have 10 parades here in Houma. Lots of fun, very safe and family friendly. Houma is about an hour south of N.O.

kimybeee said...

looked like fun!!!!!!!

Amy K said...

Fun! I've never been, but would love to...someday.

Rhonda said...

That picture of the four of ya'll needs to be on a canvas!!!!

snekcip said...

Yes, we even celebrate here! I heard it's TONS OF FUN, I missed it again THIS YEAR!!

Steph said...

I miss Mardi Gras!!! This New Orleans girl grew up going to parades, going up to my grandfather's clown truck to get the special treat he had just for us to give us during the parade and even ridding on a truck float one year on Mardi Gras day!! I need to come home one year!!

Renee said...

Glad ya'll enjoyed the parades. I never really got into them, but everybody that goes, says they love it. I may give it a try again some day.