Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa came! Santa came!

 We did the usual.  The milk and cookies.  Although, Ellie was pretty dang distraught when she realized on the way home from Pops's house on Christmas Eve night that we did not have any white milk!  I told her Santa gets tired of the same ol thing, and that seemed to suffice!  We also laid out reindeer food for those hungry reindeer!
 I thought Ellie's side, with the make up, art supplies, nail kits, tattoos and hair decor was in stark opposition to Gabbi's side...
 which was all princessy and educationally themed.  The bow and arrows are obviously Pocahantas and KoKoem (???  If you watch it a hundred times a week like I do, you KNOW who KoKoem is!), and the swords and knives are obviously Mulan.  Obviously!
 They both got lots of clothes and there was a little share section in the middle.  Santa is judicious that way.
 So this is Santa's explosion prior to the babies seeing the load.
 This was a nice, calm, serene time of the morning before destruction arrives.

 And by destruction I mean....
 oh wait!  NO not her!!  She is a calm and gentle spirit and painstakingly chose one little thing at a time to look at and enjoy.

 Look at how she first dissected it all with her eyes.  She was choosing!  I love that about Gabs.  Slow and steady wins the race.
 She knelt.  She felt.  She chose.
 And then... THIS arrived!  A BLUR!
 Stomped right up in the middle of it all...

 Finally a plop and a study.

 Todd the Bod was sick the ENTIRE Christmas break!  He missed JinJin's house, Pops's house, and barely made Santa's surprise.  Flu? Not sure. But it was some bad stuff!  He obliged by putting on his Grinch pants though!  I had on the same pants!
 I KNEW she'd love it!!
 She is all about Merida in Brave right now, so she talks about archery!
 And Ellie promptly took this Tattoo kit straight to the trash because she is NOT going to get a tattoo!  (WHAT?!!  Where'd this come from?!  I don't know, but I kinda like it!!)
 She did love her new boots, but they are a little bit big.  Better big than small I assume.
 Gabbi still trying to master her bow and arrow.

 Looky what Mama Bear got!  Short little turquoise Bailey Button Uggs. How'd he know?!
 And we opened out gifts from DeeDee and Granddad.
 It took about an hour for the entire house to look like it exploded.
 Gabs also got a little tube of beads that when you put them in water, they grow and get really slimy.  I just knew she'd think those were awesome too.  And she definitely did.  Gabbi loves the textural nature of things.
 So as Gabbi played with gooey beads,
 Ellie had already changed into a tween outfit!  She was ready for JinJin's.
 Lest we forget our body mist!!
Up next... Pops's house!



Mbeaty19 said...

Wow looks like Christmas was quite successful for the girls. Sorry to hear about Todd. We've had a horrible stomach flu going around up here. The kids have had, my husband & me had it, my mom had it, and my grandparents had it. NOT FUN AT ANY AGE!!!!
Love seeing how different the girls gifts are. Right now my boys are pretty similar taste but then there are those gifts that are total opposite. Can't wait to see more pictures of your Christmases and hope you have a wonderful end to 2012. (Already have my 2013 word picked out!)

Zhohn said...

So cute! Looks like you had some pretty good girls last year ;)

kimybeee said...

so sweet to see little one's celebrate!!!

Renee said...

Love the excitement thru the young one's eyes. With a 16 and 17 at our house, the excitement is gone.