Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve at Pops and Nana's house

 We always start the big Christmas celebration with the Massey clan over at Pops and Nana's house.  And because this year, I let the girls each open a gift a night preceding Christmas, Ellie had this nice big make up kit that she INSISTED on bringing to share.  And share we did!
 This is something I've never seen.  Gabbi Girl putting on someone else's make up.  Chloe was a brave soul.  In a few pics, you'll see why!!
 This is a good pic of Dad and Staci.  I don't think I even took a pic with him all night.  That's the bad thing about being the picture TAKER!
 Tanner decided to be funny when I said, "Say CHEEEESE"!
 My dad built a big wrap around porch onto my great grandmother's house.  It is here you can find him and Nana ANY evening, and now that it's glassed and heated, it is also where we have all of our gatherings.
 My dad is one of two sons.  His brother, Kenny, had three kids; two girls and a boy.  They each have at least two kids each.
 So, that makes Courtney, Dane, and Amber first cousins to me and Stac.  We are all within 10 years or so of each other so we all have kids about the same age too.  (You know, I was a late bloomer on the mama thing!)
 All these little makes for really fun get togethers.  Dane and his two girls, Brenna and Chloe, have been out of town, but are moving back this coming weekend.  She is also scheduled to have baby number three, a BOY (YAY!!  The Massey name can move forward!!), on the 28th.
 As much fun as they had together, we need to try and do this more than once a year!!

Ellie was totally taking care of her "little" cousin, Brenna.  Here, she is asking her how to spell her name.
 You know, being all halfway through kindergarten and all, she is obviously the best choice for labelling everyone's cups!

 And it was a Christmas MIRACLE!!  Hunter and Hayden came!  Not that they don't every year, but I just feel like I NEVER get to see them anymore!  Here Hunter and his biggest fan, Madi, snuggle it out.
 And here, Hayden, and his best fan, Gabbi, love a little too.
 So, how ya like that make up job?  I am talking about the cheap make up that did NOT come off even with remover and a rag for Christmas morning!!
 This is Amber's oldest kid, Payson, and until the baby (Brooks or Brock, undecided at present) comes, Brenna, the youngest of the crew.  Ellie decided these three looked alike and therefore needed to take a picture together.
 I am so glad that she feels she looks like her cousins.  I think she might be onto something!
 Chloe and Brenna are sisters, and are the ones expecting baby brother.  Their daddy, Dane, is the only boy cousin, thus the only way the Massey name can carry on!  Thank God for a boy!

 It was for sure a motley crew.
 But you gotta admit, these are some CUTE kids!!
 And by the way, have I failed to mention that Ellie insisted on wearing her pajamas given to her by Miss Donna at her after school daycare?!  Gabbi got hers from there too, but I cannot decide if they are PJs or not?!
 All the little girls playing together was so cute.
 And all the cousins playing reminded me of me and all of my cousins playing in this very same house when we'd get together as kids at my Mamaw Griggs.  (Many called her Nanny.  I had a Nannie, so she was always Mamaw Griggs to me).... just to clarify.

 We played the usual Chinese Christmas, and for some reason, there was very little stealing this year, so it was a bit uneventful.  Plus, Don had to work, and Todd was sick at home in the bed, so there was a predominance of girly gifts to choose from.

 I introduced the concept of the Favorite Things party, and I think we might try that next year.

Here is Rachel, Hayden's main squeeze.
 The girls all got these headlamps in their stockings from Nana and Pops.
 We let the Christmas with Pops and Nana begin as soon as all the cousins left.  We always get the afterparty kicked up with our "immediate" family in the late hours.
 LORD have mercy!
 The headlamps were a serious hit!!
 Christmas is always so much fun when there are kids involved.
 and girlfriends... they make the big boys happier!
 Gabbi only asked for "Tarzan Toys".  I wasn't sure what that was, but I did have everyone in the fam looking for them.  This is a bar of soap in the shape of a dachsand.  She LOVED it!
 Thanks, Pops and Nana, for a great Christmas Eve.
 We loved our gifts, but more importantly, we loved spending time with y'all and all the cousins.  Memories are the best gift we can get.
Tomorrow's post... JinJin's house!



Amy K said...

Love Gabbi's make up! Hopefully Todd's feeling better. What wonderful memories throughout generations in the same home - that's awesome!

Zhohn said...

Cute cute! How adorable that Gabbi got dachshund soap!!

Theresa Shirley said...

Glad ya'll had a good Christmas! Hope Todd is feeling much better by now. That makeup is hilarious. It's sweet that they wanted to "share the love" with the cousins...haha.

snekcip said...

Christmas w/the Cousins are ALWAYS a memorable occasion! Don't you just love BIG FAMILIES!!!

PS Got my necklace yday! LOVE!!

Marianne said...

Can you share a link to the dachsund soap? I have a little girl who would love it!

Renee said...

Way to go GG on the make up job. LOL Glad the teenage boys could join the party. I have 2 teenage boys and one has a girlfriend. Luckily, the were able to make all our family gatherings and hers too. :)