Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jessi just HAD to out do us all!

Last post on my Favorite Things Party, but I just HAD to show you what Jessi brought.
Here it is...

First, it was wrapped so dang cute!
and inside, she'd made up a playlist on CD's for each of the 5 women whose names she drew.  I WANT ONE!!  Jessi?  Yo!
And it was all tucked into this cute little envelope.
Then, she included a Crystal Light packet and a recipe for a cocktail.
And finally, she included a fun magazine for them to read when they are listening to great music and  sipping a great drink...
Lastly, a GREAT magazine.  And so that was Jessi's under $6 gift.
This party was so much fun that I have decided that I am going to have one quarterly in the next year. In fact, as I learned in my time management course recently, I am going to "park" the dates of the parties in my day planner.  I think my next one will be in the spring, and we'll bring springy things or Eastery stuff.  Then, the second one in the summer, and the third in the fall.  It was truly one of my fave parties yet!




Amy K said...

Jessi is so creative - love it!

Merry Christmas Eve, Groves family!

kimybeee said...

awesome job jessi!!!!

and yes, santa is on his way - you must have so much excitement in your house!!!!!!

merry christmas to all the massey/groves/raborn etc clan!!!!

Becky said...


Renee said...

I"m jealous of creative people. What a great gift.