Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Favorite Things Party pics

 My computer, paired with Blogger, has played havoc with my ability to upload pics this week.  I am proud to report that I am back on track!!   As long as our internet cooperates, there should be daily posts from this day forth.  Ok... back to the Favorite Things party!!  This is what Cindy brought.... She brought a pepper jelly dip she makes and gave everyone cream cheese to use for a dip at an upcoming Christmas party.  It was great.
 and then came paring knives.  This is one of those treats that I just walked right over to Todd's stocking with and dropped right in! I mean, I don't even know what paring is, much less what you'd actually PARE!
 Lisa brought handmade scarves, which I think she said she made from old tee shirts.  I wish she'd drawn my name!  Hey, Lisa, if you're reading...... I WANT ONE!  I'll trade you a bracelet.
 Lorri brought Sonic gift cards.  She and I BOTH have an addiction to Sonic drinks!  I have to have a large sweet tea every day!  Have I mentioned that I no longer drink Diet Coke AT ALL!  I mean, like, cannot tolerate carbonation at all!  NONE!  It's a miracle!
 Courtney brought Christmas car fresheners.
 Here is one of Lisa's scarves.
 And this would be some sort of salve that Veronicia brought and told us that once we got over the "smell of a grandma", we'd love it.
 We made fun of that the rest of the evening.  Like, "hey, we could use it on our bunions" or "maybe it'd be good for my boil".  Only Veronicia.  ANd we love her for that!

JinJin continued to pout that halfway through the party, she was still waiting for her name to be drawn the first time!!
 And then it happened!!!
 Big time rejoicing took place!  Everyone was clapping and cheering.

 And Tracy brought the CUTEST reindeer candle holders and bud vases.  Again, I must say, I was a little bit jealous.  They were awesome!!

 Especially this bud vase that Lila got.  I LOVED that one.  Tracy, you reading?!  ha
 Ashlee said one of her favorite things for under $6 was glue on nails.  JinJin gave Ellie's hers and she was wearing them to kindergarten the very next day!!
 Lorri got glue on nails AND some grandma salve!
 Next up, fuzzy colorful gloves!
 As it was presented, these are for when you need to have that extra pair of gloves in your car on a cold day.  Keep these in your glove compartment.  I love all the fun colors.
 Mother/daughter duo got these cute rhinestoney bracelets brought by Robin!
 And the only repeat out of 40 people was fuzzy gloves.  I was pretty shocked.  I was also shocked that there was no candle in the mix.
 This is mango cuticle cream by Burt's Bees, brought by Leslie.  People swear by it!
 Tashia brought fuzzy slipper socks that she said she loves after a busy tax season and work at her CPA office.
 And then, my name was drawn again.  I got this cute scarf!  ANd wouldn't you know the one I got was houndstooth?!! I LOVE houndstooth, actually, but now that ALABAMA has been in my world... dangit!, dumb national champions! No, I'm not a sore loser! Not me.
 Polly brought some awesome hair stuff that is used to make your hair smoother, like a leave in conditioner.  She is a hairdresser, so she has access to some awesome stuff like that!!  I doubt if it was under 6 bucks.  But maybe!
 And this is Polly!  She does my hair!  She also does most of my friends and family's hair.
 Paula brought OPI fingernail polish. Five different colors.  She is a dark shade kind of girl, so there were grays, browns, and deep burgundys in the mix.  Kara got one of these that night.
 Next up was JinJin's gifts.  She wrapped them all fancy like in trashbags!  Ha.  She found two serving pieces at Hobby Lobby for under 6 bucks!  Pretty good use of her price limit!
 Lissy brought apricot facial/ hand scrub  and some sort of buffer for your nails.  (I think.)  I wasn't the recipient of this one.  But I've heard feedback that the scrub really is great.

 And that concludes the second half of our Favorite things party.  Last but not least will be Jessi's contribution.  I'm saving it for tomorrow, because she was quite the overachiever!!  She deserves her own post!  Don't know about you, but I have to WRAP presents tomorrow!!



kimybeee said...

i need to wrap presents - but the cats will unwrap them as quick as i get them wrapped lol

looking forward to jessi's part - she is so talented!!

Zhohn said...

Love love the idea of this party! Can't wait to see Jessi's!

Mary said...

Looks SO FUN!!